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Why blurr out the spoilers?

If this is the spoiler category, then why is it necessary to blurr out the information? The way I see it, is if you come to the spoiler category, then you are wanting to see the spoilers which makes it uneccesary to obscur the messages and images.

Or is there another reason we need to blurr out the information?

The reason I ask is because I would rather just go in and be able to see and read everything since that is why I read the spoilers.


I don’t know what the official reason is but here is my guess:
Since all the categories including Spoilers show up on the main page, people might accidentally click a spoiler article without realizing it. Heck, if they’re new they might not even know there is a spoiler section. This saves them from inadvertently reading the spoilers they didn’t even know they stumbled upon.

Or it could just be because that’s the way it was setup and no one has changed it lol.

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What if you want to know about the next kingdom but not the next mythic or three kingdoms in advance? It leaves the option with every person so they can enjoy the game as they like it.

Well to clear up that, at the title of every thread in spoiler category you could say [SPOILERS] and perhaps the person who posts could say “Don’t read past this if you do not wish to read spoilers” all people that post would then not have to blur anything.

You’d have to be dense not to understand the thread has spoilers at that point :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought this thread was a spoiler thread?!

Where the h*ll are those beautiful blurry things that I get to click on to reveal those fun spoilers?!

Worst. Spoiler. Thread. Ever. :rage:

(And if you didn’t catch the sarcasm go back to the beginning and read again!) :wink:

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, I did not realize some of the things mentioned here, although once mentioned, it makes perfect sense. So thanks for pointing out some of the more obvious common sense in the logic, that I failed to notice, lol.

Loved the sarcasm efh313!

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The whole point of a spoiler category was to make it so we didn’t have to tag everything…


I’m going to keep spoilers under tags anyway, since I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun, and since I don’t know how the site is being viewed by everyone. It’s one extra click, it’s not really hurting anyone.


Readers who don’t want any spoilers can muted this category in their preference (6 clicks ;-)).
So I don’t see why we have to continue to use the tags…

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If it was opt-in, I’d agree with you, but as long as it’s opt out, it doesn’t help much. Many users don’t even know about the possibility of muting a category (the way to do it is far from obvious), and there are always new users, which are more susceptible to being exposed to spoilers until they understand how the forum works.

Also, the category name can’t even serve as a proper warning, as it is far less noticeable compared to a [spoiler] text in the title, and the color coding does not help as it’s too similar to some other categories.

Honestly, I never understood in the first place how this spoiler category was supposed to help the problem at hand, or change anything at all (besides maybe finding spoilers more easily if you’re looking for them).


Yes [spoiler] in the title seems mandatory anyway ;-).
It should be possible to have the spoilers category muted by default, no?

Is there really someone who have complained because of spoilers?

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