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Why are the Traitstones not the same color as the troop in this weeks event?

is this an error? om purpose? what is goin on?

@Nex @Mr.Strange @Foresti

I figured it was a gift so we could trait Psion this time. New kingdom, give you the resources to trait the boss.

It’s Bloods now, I changed the title to accurately depict that the Minors are still “mismatched”.

confirmed mistake i guess.

No it was Spirit stones originally. I can prove it by having 9 Spirit stones and 1 Blood.

still shows spirit for me… but sounds like its gettin corrected.

Well fudge. Blood it is now. Guess I can trait up the bat.

Close and reopen the game

Or don’t and trait Psion real fast? :smiley:

I’d rather have the Spirits, but Blood is correct so I can’t complain.

I was going to fully-Trait Abhorath and Shadow-Hunter :cry:

I might Trait Crimson Bat, might just save them for Hydra.

If he buys anything it’ll come back as Bloods, despite showing otherwise.

hydra kinda sucks, bat is awesome go with bat.

yup good thing abo is traited and i got another 16 last night.

Or trait up A1. He’s pretty awesome, if ya ask me. :slight_smile:

Is it? Whenever I go against one it seems weak as hell.

3x skull damage. true damage and cursed… granted I’ve never used a 3 trait one bu it sounds sick… and hydra… noone seems to like him he needs to be damned near dead for full effect…

The troop is awesome. The AI is not.

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The AI can’t compete with the human mind. Every “OP” Troop is average, every great Troop is okay and every decent Troop is mediocre.

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What the AI is good at:

What the AI is not good at:

  • Winning

you mean 2x skull damage, right? :slight_smile: