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Whose idea was it to run a bonus Skulls damage event with constraints. .

. . .that block all bonus skull damage Mythics?

Was that really the plan or did everyone from QA/playtest on up simply not see anything wrong with this?

I am at a loss to understand the reasoning here. I’ve been disliking more and more of the recent changes – for one example, the randomly day-parted implementation of Campaigns leaves a lot to be desired. For another, forcing me to either play Arena – which I loathe for its randomness first and its nerfed weakness of all troops a close second – or spend gems to avoid it feels like a big double-middle-finger P2W insult. But at least they haven’t been outright fun-killer nerfs, as such.

But this week? With this forced Yellow Hero constraint on the weekly that pretty much prevents me from experiencing the only satisfaction I find in those, which is building an enjoyable Generator hero team?

Look, Hero options is one of, if not the saving graces of the recent changes to the game. The ability to mix and match Classes and Weapons for the Hero troop outside of the ever-increasing team constraints is the personalizing balance to exactly that mechanic. It provides the player with the satisfaction of an individuating counter to the collective constraints that de-personalize the play experience.

So why did you take that away to this degree?


It’s a stupid event and the next stupid event I will sit it out. They want you to spend gems on tiers where you are in a long battle with a high likelihood of losing plus the Val raven getting away so you havd to use more gems. Nope I’m not going to do it. I will do the faction weekly to get those easy orbs and stuff like that. I’m not going to play events that have bad troops and weapons or other junk I don’t like see arena for instance.


Just to be clear, here – it’s not like I only have criticism for the game. Two examples of that:

1] even though I almost never use the troops that have them, I think double storm traits are a good addition, and

2] I am loving the introduction of double-double bonus banners; I use the Labyrinth banner all the time now.

Also, PQ: Galactrix is one of my favorite games, hands down. The hexagonal board is a brilliant innovation and I even like the minigames, which is rare for me. So it’s not like I’m just here to complain.

But after a little more thought, I realized why this weekly’s constraints mess seems so personal: it’s because I feel like the devs are chumping me out by taking advantage of my loyalty towards my guildmates!

I don’t want to grind this crap! But at the same time, I don’t want to refuse to support the newbies and early-to-mid players in my guild, so I am righteously angry at the devs for putting me in this stupid and inconsiderate double-bind!


Devs are just using us as guinea pigs in GoW now to see what they can get away with in Puzzle Quest 3… :thinking:


lol 10letters

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It was probably the same person who decided adding 2 mana to Bandit, then allowing people to remove stealth was “balance.”

This made stealth/summon teams even more annoying.

Clearly the janitor is the only one left dealing with gow while the rest create their latest scam.


FYI Do you even read game feedback?
and before that
[NOT A BUG] Black Ice (World Event Medals Bugged)


Adding insult to injury, the only skull generator they use (Carnax) – which we cannot use – blows up twice the skulls it generates!

Tibo, thank you for further informing us with those links.

Weekly events are so tedious and boring.

Hope the devs will
a) read game feedbacks
b) update game mechanics (WE, campaigns, arena, shrines, ads watching… Is there anything worth keeping in recent game patches ?)
c) stop downgrading what was once a good game

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@Saltypatra I was very happy with all the reworks given before Xmas. If such things as that is possible I also think minimal testing before events is released is possible as well, to avoid things that is written in this thread. I see a lot of positivites and potential after the great troop rework patch we got.