Whos the first to reach VIP 20?

I am at VIP 10 and needs to eat frogs for dinner, since I am bankrupt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who will reach VIP 20 first? :grinning:


Donald Trump?


VIP 11 here, but won’t be anytime soon I will be stepping up another level.


Out of interest how much would one have to shell out to reach VIP 20? Or 10 even? :thinking::wink:

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Yeah I’m keen to know how much to Vip 20. I’ve heard it’s in the high 4 digits.

Also keen to know who’s the highest vip in the game if they care to reveal themselves.


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I’m at 11 and I really don’t see what would be worth the purchase to go higher.

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According to the shop and what math skills I can muster, it would cost a grand total of $8,290 USD to hit VIP 20.

2 - 50pts = $10
3 - 100pts = $20
4 - 200pts = $40
5 - 300pts = $60 ($130 cumulative; a lot of players stop here as this unlocks VIP chests)
6 - 400pts = $80
7 - 500pts = $100
8 - 600pts = $120
9 - 800pts = $160
10 - 1000pts = $200
11 - 1500pts = $300
12 - 2000pts = $400
13 - 2500pts = $500
14 - 3000pts = $600
15 - 3500pts = $700
16 - 4000pts = $800
17 - 4500pts = $900
18 - 5000pts = $1000
19 - 5500pts = $1100
20 - 6000pts = $1200

Total ===== $8290


bleghh disgusting :grimacing:


It may seem that way to some but there are people who have the disposable income to spend. I’m okay with it because it keeps up support of the game. :smiley:

I’m only VIP 6 myself and the only multiplier I care about is % Gold Bonus. To get any more of that, I would need to hit VIP 10. That’s almost $600 more than I’ve already put in, so it’s safe to say that isn’t going to happen. Even going to VIP 7 isn’t something I think I can justify…$100 for 25% more souls, 1 free Glory key per day, and another team slot isn’t worth it. I don’t buy Gems, so the bonus to Gem purchases is useless to me at any VIP level. (Join a guild that can finish the Blue guardian each week, and that’s $50 worth of gems for free.)


The first VIP 20 should be able to design their own troop named their name of course. I am amazed that they have VIP levels going this high but unless there was a need for it I would doubt they would put them in there. So it seams there are some insane “rich” people playing this game.


I know someone who might have spended that much it’s probably one of the only person to be vip 20 at least on console.

Not going to mention the name but i asked that person if he was vip 20 and will let you know when i got answer

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VIP 15, halfway to 16. I’ve heard of one other person at 15, but don’t know of anyone higher.


That is correct. I got the same numbers a couple weeks ago when I calculated it.

Was planning on doing a video on all that soon. xD


Just as an added note, sometimes you will find things that do give more points than the 5 for 1 dollar spent. The mini VIP key package that you can get 3 times stands out the most as you get 75 points for only $5 instead of just 25.


Isn’t the 75 points for $5 a glitch? All of them only give 25 points now.


Mobile was showing that. But pc and console was still showing 75 for it last I looked.

I wonder if some people will go bananas then buying the Mini VIP pack… :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought the 3 I was allowed cause hey, 6 easy VIP chest keys gives great stuff. The point returns was a nice bonus though all it did was get me from VIP 5 to 6.

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I bought one this past week and only got 25 points for it.

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