Who writes the puns and flavor text?

Found almost all of them amusing, and it’s almost a game to guess where some of them came from. Just realized Behemoth’s text “10 times bigger than a man” is from Paul Bunyan’s blue ox Babe.


Usually it’s @Sirrian, I believe…

I find about half make me chuckle and half make me cringe…


Sirrian is a Brit I think? Sounds like one. English is too good to be Scottish lol

The Archon Statue “Don’t blink!” one I bet he wrote, that’s a Doctor Who homage.

Curious about Alchemist, “A master of mixology. Just add parsley, rosemary and thyme.” What drink is that? A strange idea on a bloody mary?

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Uh oh, I think he’s an Aussie and I just called him a Pommie lol

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I’ve always assumed it’s a play on the Simon & Garfunkel song.

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Since the Alchemist is essentially a Sage.


I’m also sure “Don’t blink!” is a reference to Kenny Chesney.

Don’t Blink is 100% from Doctor Who, the episode “Blink” with weeping angels. Living statues that could only move if no one was looking at them.

Good call on Scarborough Fair. I still want a bloody mary to drink…

Alchemist was originally called Sage… but we like the flavor text and kept it.


Hmmm, flavor and not flavour. And at this hour…

I think he’s a bit of both…

A few are obvious. Raven and Queen Mab both share lines from “The Raven”.

Hippogryph was based off of a comment from Dragon Age: Origins

Celestasia is another straightforward one. (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

Webspinner “Looks like she came straight out of Module Q1. If you get that reference, you’re HARDCORE.” was easy.



Reaver as Drizzt.

Reaver is obvious, never read the books but I did have the diablo clone on the original xbox.

Abhorath “The Old Gods are SO last year.” and Ancient Horror “Forget those new-age horrors – they’ve got nothing on the ancient ones.” are both HP Lovecraft references.

I love the flavor text, props to @Sirrian.

So, forum competition to submit/choose a flavor text?

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Well, if we ever get some type of crocodile creature, we name it Gustave. Flavor text, “Crikey, mate. Look at the size of that croc”