Who has received the lowest vault key reward? And who has received the best?


I don’t know if we have a thread going yet with the vault key lowest rewards, so I might as well start one now for fun and see who can get the lowest rewards possible.

I used one today and this is what I recieved, my worst to date.

Now please don’t mistake this for complaining. I’m happy with the extra freebies we get now.

Please remember that this is just for fun. Thanks!


Maybe to stay positive here we can do both. Best and worst reward screenshots.


I once managed an orb of Ascension from the Vault. Thats my best.


On Saturday, I got a major orb of chaos that turned into a major orb of ascension. Pretty sure that’s the jackpot :smiley:


I’m confident that this is the worst Vault ever.

And still possible to have happen again after the buff I believe.


My best vault reward came during the last event:


I guess I would consider mine to fall into both categories. But to me it was my best Vault key used over the weekend since I finally got a Pet Gnome.


Okay, it was a major orb of growth, but still, that’s a darn nice set of rewards.


Considering it’s easier to get a mythic from a glory chest than a vault troop that is new from a vault. I’d say it’s more great than bad.


Imo… Every vault should come with a vault troop plus 4 rewards. They are eventually going to be stupid rare. Getting a common troop from there to Mythic without using orbs is almost impossible. But me thinks… That’s the intent.


I’d argue an Orb of Growth is a worse than 2,000 souls.

Also Gem key isn’t 100% worthless, sub it out for 2 Minor Traitstones and you’re gold :stuck_out_tongue:

My worst: 19. 1 orb of chaos - Growth, 4,000 gold, 100 souls, 100 souls
close 2nd: 15. 1 orb of chaos - Growth, 2,500 gold, 2 Minor Nature Traitstones, 100 souls

I didn’t pull a Major Orb of Ascension or 250 gems, so no “best” for me. Was glad to get the Pet Gnome though.


Well you’re wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

A Growth orb can be used to take a Mythic from level 19-20 which is 1900 souls I think.
The major difference is I can use a growth orb to make a major growth orb to make a power orb to make a Zuul’Goth.
Also…I can farm for souls. Can’t farm for chaos orbs.


Isn’t that what the Vault event is for now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Souls can be used for Dawnbringer or hopefully some new content.

We get enough free Major Growths to ignore the 20 to 1 conversion rate from a Minor Growth to a a Major Growth for a Power Orb :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the worst I got


So you’re comparing 1/20.
To 2,000/1,3000,000
Drops calculator


I would say that a major orb of ascension would have to be the best drop from Cedric. The worst is Cedric dropping himself after he’s already mythic. The 2nd worst Cedric drop is 2500 souls.

So technically the worst drops would be:

Cedric (if already mythic)
2 minors/100 souls
2 minors/100 souls
2 minors/100 souls

The best drops would be:

Major orb (ascension)
3 event keys
3 event keys
3 event keys

I believe 3 event keys is the best drop you can get from regular gnome followed closely by 4 gem keys then 20 gems.


You can also get 50k gold from a regular gnome. 20 of those to complete a legendary task, which often gives 30x8 gem keys, 30x4 event keys, etc.

Bit of a crap shoot, but over time I’d say 50k gold might actually be the best reward from regular gnomes.


50k gold is a pretty sweet drop but gold can be farmed anytime, keys cannot. Also I forgot about a VK dropping lol. That may even be better than getting orbs because everything else that drops along with the VK is basically for free.




Worst. Don’t thing Sparklesack even dropped his load. Probably too late to send in a ticket now