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Whither Valentiny?

So, Valentiny has the distinction of being the only card I don’t own. I was really expecting to see it back in rotation for Feb 14th… but apparently there is a new cosmetic pet instead?

I need my Valentiny. Please find a way to fill this hole in my (heart-shaped) heart.

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I believe it’s the Saturday special pet event instead - so don’t fret!


According to taransworld.com, Valentiny is indeed the soecial pet event this weekend

Also today’s flash offer.

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Tbh, I think it’s a bit unwise or perhaps mean to offer Valentiny in a flash offer today if it’s then going to be available in a Pet Rescue on Saturday.

It might feel like a kick in the pants/teeth for paying customers – they might question whether or not to purchase flash offers in the future, if the contents might be available a few days later through play or with premium currency.

I’d suggest running it concurrently, like with the Dungeon offers.

Today’s offer (AUD):

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