Whip of God is looking for new members

We are looking for active players.

We are a year old guild at level 192, rank 140 and enjoying 220% daily gold bonus.

Members must play every week. No other pressure for Spirits (Rank 5).

Promotion is based on donated gold, acquired seals and trophies and you also have to join one of our communication channels.

Have fun in your Game:


You sound like a nice community.
I wan to ask permission to join your ranks.

Hi Acrylamid,
I cannot send an invitation until you leave your current guild.

Oh, didn’t know I needed to leave my current guild.
I doit right away, but understanding if I lost my place because it was 6days ago.

No problem we have still some place open. Invite sent.

Hi ibnmuza

Im looking for guild to have fun with another ppl. Im active player lvl 189.

Code: warka

I hop you have some place open yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking for a new guild, daily player: ELIZABETH_39

Invite sent.

ELIZABETH_39 you have to leave your current guild to join us.

you still looking for people?

Yes. If you leave your guild I will send an invite.

sure, invite is BGQ Tony

Interested, near daily player.

If you leave your current guild I will send you an invite.

Hit me up. My invite is AROSEY. I’m pals with Tony.

Invite Sent.

Good day, seems you guys are a really nice guild, i like you all to give me a chance, i´m still pretty new, but learning fast and trying to being as active as possible, KITE-SAMA my invite code :smiley:

(Let me know if i can get an invite to leave the 1 i am currently in)

would like to join your guild. I just started about 2 weeks ago and i am at lvl 30. I am looking to get into this game. I can contribute fairly good and i always active:)

name is Vitor

i would need to leave my guild to get into this one. let me know if it is possible:)


We have a free palce If you want to join. Leave your current guild, tell me about it, and then I will send an invite.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Are you still looking for members?