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Where is the task complete amount?

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Describe your issue:
I was wondering how much gold does it take to complete a task? It is an easy question , for anyone who has? I just put a million and that wasn’t enough ?
Screenshots or video:

The most expensive tasks cost 1 million, that’s Legendary tasks, which you unlock after completing all basic and epic tasks.

One task itself can cost between 5, 000 and 850,000 gold. Each group/colour of basic tasks is 2,610,000 gold. Each group/colour of epic tasks is 5,250,000 gold.

The totals are not shown in game, but you can see how much each task requires:

If you contributed a million, then you probably completed multiple tasks.


Other numbers:
To complete all normal tasks: 15,660,000 (15.66 mil) or 522k per person in a 30 person guild.
To complete all epic tasks: 31,500,000 (31.5 mil) or 1.05 mil per person in a 30 person guild.
To complete all tasks: 47,160,000 (47.16 mil) or 1.572 mil (or 1.6 mil, which is easier to remember) per person in a 30 person guild.
Each legendary task costs 1m extra after all tasks have been completed.


thank you for the information