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Where da giants at?

I’ve played 90+ PvP matches and so far I’ve only killed 37 giants. What gives? What the heck kind of “event” is it if it’s impossible to actually do the thing you’re supposed to do?

Is this one of those life lessons, like when Calvin’s dad told him random stuff “builds character”?

Look in casual PvP, the repick button is your best friend to complete this type of event.

Also, that Calvin reference made me laugh :smile:


Unfortunately any “Kill X in PVP” event, where X is anything other than the current meta, is nearly impossible unless a sufficiently large amount of people intentionally set their defense teams to be both 1) full of Xs, and 2) likely to lose for you. It’s…silly, to say the least.

The best you can do is stack your defense team for the event, and cross your fingers that a lot of other people do it too.

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I’ve got 4 giants and I’m getting attacked about twice a day, which is really weird.

Normally, when the hunted troop is set for defense, I’ll get hit 10+ times a day.

That’s exactly what I did. It took me around 150 PVP battles to get 150 snotstones…

Heh… All i have seen all week is wisps… In fact the only giants i have seen is that fool who is always surrounded by krakens

My snotstone total for the week? 6…


It seems many players cannot be bothered to put up a Giant team so we play the same builds over and over and over again in pvp.
I have had a Giant team as pvp defense since before reset.
It takes minutes.

At least krakens come with giants. that’s a team player right there.

Personally i am in this club

I used to always set my defense for the event but i no longer see the point if only 4% of the player base is doing it too and 25% are still trying to get cheap wins by setting 1 troop as defense.

One of my 3 losses this week was to a very well known player in a top guild who i would consider a friend the troop that was showing was the forest troll and the team score was 5.5k so i thought cool there is an easy 4 snots… So i used my boombot team and turns out i had to fight his blue gw team…

So that said i cant think of one reason to not set whatever team everyone is complaining about. My current def team? 2x wisp shiny mab…

It feels like a lame lost opportunity. The devs are rewarding the wrong thing.

Sure, it makes sense to get a bonus for successful defense teams. It’d also make sense to get more rewards if you participated in the event. Maybe 1 snotstone per successful defense with the event team, but IMO there ought to be something neat you can ONLY get via successful defense participation. It’s really easy to get players to do things if you put incentives on them.

I can’t really abuse the “reject PvP” trick because I’m still trying to max out my kingdoms so gold’s still precious to me. I’ll be remembering that one, but it’s still dumb because it’s the devs’ jobs to make players do more than just pick the easy way.

Set yourself apart and join the 4% . You know you want to!

Nah… Tried it and it accomplished nothing.