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Where are you long-lost forum members?!

It seems my friend has gone missing. I haven’t seen him post anything lately, except the EULA. Admit it, we all miss him.

Where have you gone?

All joking aside, it’s been 4 days since one of your highly thought-out sentences have been posted. I hope you’re okay wherever you are.


Also i’m just going to use this thread as a call-out to long lost people from this forum.

Where is @Malkav, I hope you’re okay too.


Hmmm, well, not really… well maybe a little when I’m in an oddly masochistic mood…

I am back, my pc died and i was stuck with only my phone with an outdated android 4.4.2 version which did not have the juice to do anything amazing, and a tablet that was android 4.2.0 so for 4 days i had only netflix and terrible quality youtube through the browser. Lets just say google play store and anything google kills ram and therefore gaming ability. I am back now with a new pc and a fire that can not be quelled by the slaughter of 1000 troops! I am surprised by someone questioning where i have gone.


Glad to see you’re back. It hasn’t been the same without you.

Really? II feel so loved.


You are my friend, you are. You may not see it on the surface, but it’s there.

I never questioned that, we are all friends unless stated otherwise.

Aye, but I think you underestimate JUST how loved you are in this community.



Also it just hit me, the title of this topic sounds kinda like


@Archenassa, @melkathi, @dhjl, @MrSammy, @Serale , CrowdedWorlds… Who else?


For me, I’d add @Ozball to the list. I miss him.


I miss @Robert and @TaliaParks personally. Although I think one of them was that Donald Trump account :mask:


I miss them on the forums as well, but I don’t think they’re ever going to be allowed to come out and play again. :disappointed:


I’m sure they’re here if they still care. In spirit, and on alt forum accounts.

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Wavies @Mitheithel
I’m fine. Still follow the Black Pearl guild and am proud of what they are doing. I look at screenshots daily as N8chtwacht and Peremptor post them quite frequently.
@Archenassa should be good too. I haven’t talked to her in a long while, but have her on my steam friend list, so will keep an eye out.

I keep meaning to reinstall, but the idea that everyone has some weird set-up that will chain-kill me on turn 1 scares me.


Have no fear, my defence is weak but unique.

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D’awww! I missed you guys too! Moving countries is a *@#&$. Hopefully I’m setup now, I have internet and everything! Just need to get Gems going again. What have I missed in the last 4 months? (wow has it been that long? O.o)

EDIT: Hmm I’m going to have to look for a new guild I think… I was (quite rightfully) dropped from my old guild due to inactivity.