Where are the patch notes

I see the game downloading a patch yesterday, just as it did last week Monday, but I can’t find the patch notes anywhere.

There were no major changes, so no patch notes.

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Imo, it would always be better to have patch notes…
But that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

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On a side note, the patch notes page is missing the 3.0.5 patch.
Could be on purpose, but just mentioning it, since we’re talking about patch notes :slight_smile:

I can fix that up in a bit.

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They would just look like this:

Patches notes for 24/07/2017

  • Wisp added to the game.

Which is basically what we get here Will of the Wisp

It downloads a patch every week on Mondays to turn on the switch for the new troop, and occasionally add upcoming troops to the files for dev testing.


I was unaware that adding the new card required a patch, thanks for clarifying.

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If there are relevant patch notes I’m all over it, scout’s honour.


Adjustments to mechanics would be considered relevant by many people, including myself.