Where are The Cursed Gnomes?

The Cursed Gnome is the joke of this game. None of these gnomes have appeared in normal games for weeks (or has it been months). Even in the Paloozas (10 pieces per event) I get a maximum of 2-3 with a pathetic drop rate of a maximum of 3-4 runes. This gnome was introduced to build hard-to-obtain resources. But actually, since the introduction of the gnomes, we’ve been on almost the same level, because gnomes never come along. The balancing here is an absolute disaster and like many other things in the game has been a real annoyance for weeks. Do you really aim to constantly hit players in the head?


I got extra for you. Ask a feature to gift cursed runes. I have no use for it.


Wow, would you kindly share your method of obtaining these cursed runes?

One way: Craft a Gnome-a-Palooza. Play your battles in Explore mode (max difficulty). Keep retreating until you get a battle with a Cursed Gnome. Fight battle but dawdle for at least one minute before winning (use a timer - game comes with one, cogwheel top right), repeat.


497 Cursed Runes here; have crafted Dark Smith and Angry Anvil to 20, haven’t bothered crafting the Cursed Weapons as I don’t have Forge Scrolls to temper them.

For me accumulating them has been a combination of:

  • Cursed Gnomes do very occasionally appear in PvP and explore, and more often during Vault events – although still very rare – and those ones do give the full drop of Runes.
  • I usually run Gnome-a-Palooza at explore 6 with a Phoenicia team, which for me typically gives a throttled drop ~5 Runes per Cursed Gnome; not great, but not the rock-bottom throttled 1-2 that you get from G-a-P at explore 1; and usually I see at least one Cursed Gnome per G-a-P.

I don’t have the patience to do the “fish for a Cursed Gnome in Gnome-a-Palooza then hold the battle open for 1+ minute” thing; I’d rather be accumulating treasure gnome resources + Vault Keys during G-a-P.

You need to grind @x_Zot_x hard on vault weekend like this weekened. 40k normal E1 battles will give you enough to craft something you need.

LoL 40k battles. I think maybe get a life? :sweat_smile:


Do it over several vault events.

Ok that would make more sense

Sucks for those that didn’t/couldn’t amass enough Cursed Runes when the appearance rate was temporarily increased after the 6.1 update.

Will now have to have to wait much longer to level up Soulforge or pay gems to do this.

Working as intended.

This is true.

What sucks the most is that they secretly go behind our backs and nerf the chances/drop rates. We are not sheeps, we understand when something is wrong or not right.

When that is said, I have now reached 60 boss rooms a row without a single Mimic room appearance. Tells it all.


but in all seriousness: what happened this time to cursed gnomes?
i’m at 120 gnomes now (only explore, not a single GAP) and haven’t seen a single curse gnome!

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I agree. I just did the entire GaP, retreating to find a Cursed Gnome and didn’t find a single one! Working as intended.


You are right @ANGI, looks like they are now non-existent in normal explore.

The thing is that. I’m supposed to forge tons of other doom weapons (to be able to level up in some kingdoms) but will never be able to upgrade them because I’m missing hundreds of forging scrolls to do so. And in addition to the Tower of Doom Event, I only build these with Cursed Runes. The balance of the game has been out of joint for a long time. Too few certificates. Too few runes. Instead, thousands of worthless resources like treasure maps or bars. Too many worthless treasures and no chance to melt them down for better ones. Resource management urgently needs a facelift so that regular players don’t spoil the fun of the game.

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okay, i got my first curse gnome after 150 gnomes in explore!
half of them were band gnomes which is in line with my past data, but 1 curse gnome is for sure a nerf of past vault weekends.
my average is between 10-15 battles to get a gnome in explore on vault weekend, so i did at least 1.5k explore battles now!
in the past we assumed that the spawn rate of curse gnome is 0,1% and yes in normal weeks i get 1 curse gnome when i do 1k - 1.5k explore battles, i can see no buff now on this vault weekend!

I had 2 cursed gnomes in a Palooza yesterday, and another one in an arena battle just now.

Yeah, had 2 in a G-a-P just now, and a couple yesterday.

I think this is just the nature of low-probability random occurrences – the cursed gnomes, the horde mimics, pulling mythics from chests: over the long term they will even out to the average rate, but in the short term the distribution can be very lumpy: you will often see streaks of good luck and streaks of bad luck. And it’s human nature to be always looking for patterns so streaks do stand out to us.

I had a long run of bad luck on the horde mimic – partner pulled it on her first chest, I finished chest after chest without getting it. For me trying to let go of feeling annoyed by bad luck helped a bit; that and stopping trying to deliberately chase the very rare thing, instead just playing normally and letting it be a nice surprise if and when it did happen.

But yeah: bad luck streaks are frustrating and it feels like the game has introduced a lot of elements recently which have such low occurrence rates that long streaks of bad luck are fairly common.

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0 Gnomes total in 25 battles so far. I’ve gotten to the point where if anything shows up… I’m amazed.