Where all my vapers at?



I’m totally not in the vape world, but I can’t believe how many vape stores there are around here. There are more than liquor stores and coffee shops. Somebody is making a lot of money off this stuff.


Yeah especially if you look into how much it costs to make the juice lol

Example if i had the time and skill i could buy all the ingredients to make my own juice and pay about $1.35 for a 30ml bottle that includes the cost of the bottle itself.

Go to a b&m craft juice shop that same 30ml bottle costs $30!

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How long does something like that last you?

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Me personally? I go thru about 120ml a week

And is that replacing a cigarette habit? If so, it’s about cost-neutral?

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Lol yeah for some ppl tho they end up quitting vaping too

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I stopped smoking and went to vaping on Jan 1 2012 and have not smoked a cig since. I do buy all my own juice materials and recommend you check out www.nicotineriver.com. Their customer service is fantastic, they have good prices and tons and tons of options of flavors.

I started with a nicotine level of around 20mg and now am down to less then 1mg, when I mix I aim for .5mg. To put that in perspective a Marlboro Red (Cowboy Killer) is around 18mg while a Camel Unfiltered is around 24mg. A typical ultra light cig is around 6mg. So I think I pretty well have the nicotine habit beat but I am like a baby with a favorite toy with my ecig, I don’t go anywhere without it and would feel panic if I lost it…:slight_smile:

Anyway, to all you smokers out there that have not tried vaping… Give it a shot, you will save absolutely tons of money and its much more healthy for you.


ahh you’re a vaper!..now it all makes sense :sunglasses:

@Clark what equipment do you use?

I have the Smok Alien with the uwell crown 3

What makes sense?

This is so me

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The first one is me now the second one will be me on monday lol

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I see you use the smok alien …I use the smok baby alien (al85)

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Baby beast too?

Yes I do…

I used it for about 3 months but had to upgrade… Damn coils burn up in like 3-4 days… This crown 3 about 2 weeks per coil

That is awesome for coil life.

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Yeah i was skeptical when i heard that but my vape supplier was always sold out of the coils for the beast so i said ok i will try the crown3… I got it on july 24th and havent had to change the coil yet

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