When 1+1 is larger than 2

So I just lost another long-time guild member due to Guild War drama caused by frustration with kraken metas…
I really don’t think the problem is the meta tho… meta didn’t cause this much drama for us before.
GW by itself isn’t that much an issue too…

But when you put them both together, 1+1 becomes much MUCH larger than just 2…
It becomes some kind of an asymptotic infinity value, modified by time :roll_eyes:
I think the problem is with the current Guild War interface… As in… really need to just revamp the whole frigging thing.

Is there anyway to just incorporate it into regular PvP, without any stress? For example, if you’re at war with some guild, you’re more likely to run into them in PvP or some such? See, you can just skip them, or just try it for some GW-related bonus. No pressure!


I think the main issue is actually the meta. The current meta involves far more lucky cascades (both on AI and human side) than before and involves infinite looping by the AI. There is, IMHO, (almost) nothing as frustrating as sitting and watching the screen while the AI loops your full-health team to death on turn 1 (or 2 or 3)… I play games to have fun, and watching the AI loop while having no chance to do anything just isn’t fun.

It was the same with the Webspinner meta a couple of years ago. The infinite looping until death was just as annoying only then there wasn’t the added pressure of GW for getting good results. I left the game for a while during the Webspinner meta and am currently considering to do the same becasue of the current meta just because I’m not having fun in the game (outside of the arena) at the moment…


The thing is, there will always be one meta after the other. That’s unavoidable.
Even if we fix this one there will probably be another that comes along next.

I really think it’s the combined pressure of Meta + Guild War that is making people flip out.

i think the issue the pressure that member is putting on himself. not to disappoint his guild. to get perfect score with color of the day vs meta even though it is very hard to do. to get 5/0 win. to my experience, many people including myself treat guild requirement of compulsory GW as must win everyday with the right color and perfect score no excuse.


On on off note, my guild is now recruiting with a spot open :wink:
Rank 45, Celestial Peak. 500s/100t/GW
Any takers?

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But some meta’s are worse than others. I didn’t mind the Psion/Famine meta for example of the Maw-meta, because even though those opponent teams were strong, you at least still got the opportunity to make some moves to try and win the battle (and more often than not winning was perfectly possible). The current meta is AI infinite looping, and once the loop starts (which quite often happens on turn 1 or 2 due to the skyfall cascades) your team is basically totally frozen and being looped to death while you watch (having no chance to do anything about it)…


This poll gives a good impression of the aggravation factor of the meta’s this game has known:

Obviously everyone has different experiences in the game, but I think it’s rather telling that 4 of the top 6 in the poll of annoying meta’s are endless loop meta’s (Justice League (#1), Trolling Krakens (#3), Webspinner (#5), Goblins/Mab (#6))…


I wouldn’t like to see GW incorporated into regular PvP. It sounds like a neat idea to just have the guild show up more, but if it would still come down to points in the end, I would want to field my best defensive team.

This would not allow me to have an all purple team for this week’s event to help other players. Basically, everyone in a guild would be fielding their best defense, and everyone would complain that PvP is now terrible.


plus there would be a problem of “quantity” that is visible in the top pvp …

either you would see the players from enemy guild appear for you only until you did the x fights - then you are doomed to not notice and loose a lot of points by taking your normal pvp team in!

or they appear forever and you have to stack up the points like the pvp ranking does - nobody wants that!

Good point. I didn’t think about quantity of fights if it’s uncapped.

If you assume that it’s capped at 5 battles again, then you could have a GW symbol on the player icon when selecting the battle, which would not show up after you complete your 5th battle against members of that guild.

But what’s stopping me from skipping the hard guild members and fighting the easier ones?


You would probably get less points then.
Same goes the other way, you can choose to just aim at the harder ones for better points, but then you’d better be prepared for harder metas…

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Could work well. I would need the person’s GW title to be displayed as well. That way I have an estimate for how many points I could possibly earn.

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