The War of the Meta-Build Poll (Again)


Due to forum issues I can’t seem to make edit to the old poll, so I’m starting a new one here with all the missing metas mentioned.

Again, to clarify, I want to run a poll on what would be considered the most popular meta build if ALL of them suddenly returned.

A brief intro of all the Meta Evolutions:

  • All Quiet On the Pan’s Vale Front (The Silent One)
    The Silent One used to not silence himself, so it was very possible to completely lock down the opposing team. Credit to @Emos for sharing this one.

  • One-Shot Team Wipe (Skull spammers)
    Back in the days when Skull dmg could spill over to the rest of the team, skull spammers like Sheggra or Keeper of Souls were Masters of Terror on the board. It was quite possible to wipe out a whole team with a single skull spam.

  • To Infinity and Beyond (Webspinner):
    Webspinner’s mana generation used to base on its Magic, which could scale to a ridiculous amount and allow it to endlessly feed itself in infinite loop.

  • The Little Scout that Could (Centaur Scout)
    When the Trait system was first introduced, this little guy was a certifiable menace. He dodges at 50% and ignore Armor on Skull dmg 100%. Combined with a quick skull-gen… well, you get the picture.

  • Nom Nom Nom (Great Maw)
    The initial version of Great Maw had something like 10% or more passive devour chance on Skull damage on top of its 1 shot spell. And with AI being the love child of RNGesus, the 10% actually felt more like 50% to the player base. :roll_eyes:

  • A Bone (Dragon) to Pick
    When Kingdom bonus was introduced and everyone suddenly find themselves with a ton of extra armor, Bone Dragon rolled in as the King of the Field… at least until the amount of armor he could strip was nerfed.

  • Kerby’s World
    Kerebros + Giant Spider + Forest Guardian. Enough said.

  • Justice League
    EK+Valk+Justice +Mab. This build has been grieving the Console community for a good part of the year now…

  • The Demonic Duo (Psion & Famine)
    The Dark Knight Famine and his little sidekick. This is the epitome of mana-drain meta. Granted, there may also be EK and the like, but Psion & Famine together are more prone to make people want to punch through wall…

  • Dance with the Devil (in the Pale Wisp Light)
    Wisp! Wisp! OMG Wisps!

  • Queen Mab and 3 Goblins Walk into a bar
    The 3 goblins being the Nobend Brothers, Fizzbang, and Queen Gobblepot… Well, I guess the brothers would be 3 goblins themselves, so really it would be 5 goblins…

  • The (T)rolling Krakens
    Forest Troll + Krakens (sometimes Mab makes an entrance). This is the latest craze, and quite sickeningly effective too.

So let’s take a vote! Who Wins? Who is the Champion of the Gems of Meta-War? You decide!

  • All Quiet on the Pan’s Vale Front
  • One-Shot Team Wipe (Skull spammers)
  • To Infinity and Beyond (Webspinner)
  • The Little Scout that Could (Centaur Scout)
  • Nom Nom Nom (Great Maw)
  • A Bone (Dragon) to Pick
  • Kerby’s World
  • Justice League
  • The Demonic Duo (Psion & Famine)
  • Dance with the Devil (in the Pale Wisp Light)
  • Queen Mab and 3 Goblins Walk into a bar
  • The (T)rolling Krakens

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When 1+1 is larger than 2

Omg I lolled with all those names. :slight_smile:
Thank you for a good laugh.


I hope I didn’t miss any major meta.
It’s a pain in the neck to edit the poll.


Instead of (T)rolling Krakens, I would have gone with “(T)rolling in the deep”. Still, brilliant! @Sidousai

Edit: I had to vote for Justice League just due to the length of time I had to deal with it personally. Being on console, most of these got fixed by the unwilling beta-testers on PC/Mobile before they ever infected our eco-system. I can’t imagine how bad some of them must have been.


Nice work! One of the things that really stands out to me is that we’ve identified about 6 metas that were a problem for the first 2 years or so of the game but then there’s 6 that are currently active. Since it’s not “one meta” currently, I tend to think of it as “diversity of awfulness” but another reading is “variety”.

Regardless, Webspinner definitely gets my vote. One major reason is that there was no 4x speed; at least now it’s over relatively quickly.


That sounds like a band name. (Or a rumination on life in general.)


Same vote, ergo, same post


What about the original goblin meta that led to the creation of Queen Mab and the freeze mechanic? When I first started reading the forums it was the complaint du jour.


ITT: This poll shows more about how long you’ve been playing than anything else. Which maybe is a good thing, if it’s true that the older the meta, the worse it was!

Also I think this shows (at least at current) how “tame” the current Wisp grief-meta is versus some of the older monstrosities.


Dratz. I think I missed the Death Knight meta.
But was that really a thing, to be honest?
It felt more like a quick trend. At least it didn’t particularly stand out to me.


If Death Knight counted, then so should Scale Guards and Astral Spirits.


Bone Dragon and Courage still give me nightmares. Once in a while I’ll still run into them in pvp and chuckle to myself. “I remember when I had to ask global how to beat you”.


First of all, your team names are hilarious and justify the poll by themselves. Secondly, before I vote. I want to be clear on what you’re asking. You want to know which meta meta was our favorite, not which one we hated the most, correct?


I asked for the most popular one, so I guess it’s your favorite.
… but is there really a difference? :wink:


There was the Rock Worm meta, and then the Skull Thru Ur Armor meta, and then somewhere in there the Original Goblin meta. I think I’m voting for Maw though, because it originally had that 15% chance Devour on Skull thing that made it a terror to play against.


I’ve always called this ‘Kicked by the Kerb’ (as a pun on kicked to the curb)


I voted for my favorite. All though my favorite is ‘Slap me Silly’

Forest Troll
Asha (Or Green Slime but Asha seems to work better)

I just love watching without doing ANYTHING but matching colors - opponent troops being killed because of the Kraken’s 3th trait

And yes I have me Frozen Slap me Silly (replace Kraken with Mab) but it’s as entertaining.


To me, yes. My favorite to use was Centaur Scout. The one I hated to fight the most was Webspinner.


Apparently I voted wrong! I interpreted favorite as “most awful”.


Here’s a couple more Meta Builds I like

“Stomp and Chomp and Hold” (pun of Stop, Drop and Roll)

“Flame On” (Or Burn Baby Burn)
Jarl Firemantle
Infernal King

"Not so Bright"
Nobend Boys
Gog and Gug
Gar Nok