The War of the Meta-Build Poll (Again)


@Taisiakat, I don’t remember encountering any of your “meta” builds except for the double-Kraken that is currently in vogue. When were the other ones popular?


@Taisiakat meta doesn’t mean naming decent builds that you enjoy using… see my incredibly wise post here Is the meta at its worst state ever? explaining it, and also my views on the current state… Meta as in ‘variety’ is actually better… sort of…

In theory, by definition the meta should get beta over time simply as there are more troops.

The horrid meta situations we’ve faced over the last (almost) three years have typically arisen because of design or balance flaws. Sometimes these arose as unforeseen consequences of wider game growth and changes. Webspinner was great when troops’ max level was 10. It was broken as hell when that Magic stat grew and it could spam 13 gems on every cast. Other situations arise when troops that are stronger appear, as powercreepery is a thing too. Others are when things are done which are just clearly silly.


Well then you haven’t run into Jarl and his fire breathing take over the board and never get it back team. Once the two of them Infernal King and Jarl cast once the game is over - because they keep filling and casting and filling and casting and killing. They are both nice cards but put them together. I thought that is what this thread was about when you put two almost OP together and then they become the unstoppable.

So I joke about them. Doesn’t mean I am any happier facing them. Like just now 1 turn and that was the end of me with the Forest Troll Kraken Kraken and Mab… never got the board back.

Yes I agree with what you’re saying, but at the same time - a little humor about the naming is probably the only thing keeping me from tossing this game to the side.


Jarl/Infernal are still showing up in PVP still. The most current influx of it has the new FireGiant. It’s that once they get control of the board with their massive yellow/red - (which happens on round two if they don’t get a cascade on round 1).

EK/Kerb/Syl - about six months ago.


@Sidousai i think i hated manticore most, but its not in your poll

the bone dragon didnt concern me (not so much armor :stuck_out_tongue: and not the highest meta enemies faced ) and manticore was with any kind of troop setup when it was empowered


Manticore kinda went with the Bone Dragon setup the most.


Hmm for some reason the poll interface cleared out and stopped working… does this thing run on a timer or something?


No. Discourse polls are bugged right now.


Hey! Poll feature is working again.
Time to resurrect this thread!



This poll needs more attention.
At the very least Trolling Kraken should be higher now that more people have been aggravated by it.


I thought this was a poll of our favorite meta not which one aggravated us. Can you add a “none” option?


Can’t. Apparently once a poll started I can’t make any more changes to it!


Are we voting on which team we like using for invading or hate fighting on defense?


Take your pick. In my caseIpicked the one I enjoyed using the most, but feel free to just pick your own standard.


i wish i could vote but my pick is not on the list
i believe the award of “meta champion” should go to the troop combo that is most hated
and what i hated most is manticore, for ultimately wasting for me more time then other meta teams ever did
wasted time = meta champion