What's the max points you can get for a single GW battle?

I know the speed of the match is a factor… and this was a quick battle. I also had a lot of 4+ matches. I wish they were more transparent about the scoring.

Got this sucker today. Highest I’ve seen (in a while?).


Total for the day was 9,724.


The interesting thing about the scoring is that we don’t know the weight between Mana Efficiency and Speed Bonus. You get “bonus points” for finishing the game under 30 rounds, and the less turns the better. But you also get points for having collected more mana than the enemy. That means you want as few turns as possible, but as much mana collected as possible, while also keeping the enemy’s mana collected as close to 0 as possible (so that it defaults to 4).

Last, you want to do maximum damage to the enemy (without devouring and death mark), while simultaneously taking no damage.

Now, knowing this, we can make some very easy choices for defensive teams that will automatically lower your opponent’s score.

  1. Any Empowered troops will automatically lower your Attacker’s score, because you’ll collect mana (provided you get some matches).
  2. Any damage you deal lowers your Attacker’s score. A troop like Lamashtu which coverts yellow to purple and deals 44 damage to the weakest enemy will automatically result in your attacker having a lower score.

This brings up a good point: MOST defensive teams are going to lose more than they win. That’s just the nature of Gems of War. Players will always be, on average, better than the AI. however, if you know your defensive team isn’t going to win, then at least you can minimize how many points your opponent walks away with by setting up a defensive team that collects mana, does damage, and potentially gets a kill or two (troops alive at the end is a score factor).

You can also minimize your attacker’s score by drawing out the game, which will tank two categories: turns to win, and mana efficiency.


Seemingly quite accurate, and eloquently detailed in the corresponding thread.
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Great score.

Think it’s mentioned in other threads but the highest possible score for a given battle is 1820 against the paragon. This amounts to a 0-action skull cascade win. Since that’s not very likely, 1816,5 (or 1817 since they tend to round up) is the highest you can really expect for a 1-action win.

1796 is essentially a 7 action win, while 1806 is 4 actions.

9724 is pretty impressive, basically a 5-action win average.

Done with my number crunching so will disappear again. Congrats to you both for very high scores (got 1799 yesterday but, alas, no screenshot)


Does that mean the highest someone could get for a daily score is (1820*5) + 2000 defense = 11,100? Or where does that 2000 point score show up…

Nope, highest per day is 9800. Each battle gives progressively more base points (250-350) with paragon giving the most possible points.

You can multiple the base score by 5.2 to get the max for each battle. Add 2000 for the max for each day.


Few odd questions. people always talk about speed giving more points, but does that only mean number of turns or do I have to start watching the clock? I know devour does not count towards damage done, but does lethal damage count, for example Zuul?

This, or more specifically, moves* actions* – each time you match gems or cast a spell, it deducts ~1% * the base score (i.e. 250-350 depending on the battle) up to a max of 50 moves (after which you don’t lose any more points).

I say ~1% because of rounding. E.g., Shimrra’s score above is 14 points from the max of 1,820, which checks out as 4 moves * 3.5 (with the base score being 350 for the Paragon battle). igniteice’s score in the top post shows 24 points from the max, where (assuming everything else being maxed, which is a safe bet) the 7th 3.5 is rounded down from 24.5 (Banker’s or just downwards rounding).

I think Zuul does count, with it treated as spell damage (this also shows up on the MVP screen in PvP), but could have it wrong (e.g. I know it was stated Scorpius’ damage wouldn’t count when GW was introduced, but maybe the way his spell works has changed since then). I can’t remember what the deal was for Devour, but I know @blindnighto tested it to confirm one way or another.

Also, a note that

was changed in an old and hard-to-find weekly event post to 50 moves*:

and should ideally be updated in the Help Centre article, which still shows 30 (@Jeto @OminousGMan :relaxed:):



I’ve always thought that matching 4 or 5 is only a positive thing, but if it counts as a turn too… And then you do get more mana points… Why was this made so complex… Interesting thread, I’ve always wondered these things and the help option in game is a little vague…


1810 points. With red team on 01/06/2021.