What's going on here?

I just got an update file 1.16 on My ps4…a little confused here

Should be 1.17 so I have no clue

Yeah, I got 1.17

Any chance it’s trying to update again afterwards? Maybe it felt it needed to redownload 1.16 first?

890.75 MB on X1 :grin:

no idea, I screen shotted it because I wasn’t sure…definitely 1.16 …Odd

980Mb on ps4

Hey @WishKiller,

What region are you currently playing in?

According to Sony, this update is internally known as 1.16 for the Americas (PSN) region, and 1.17 for the Europe (PSN) region.

Both these versions correlate to the 3.1 on Console.


In the U.S, Thank you for the info