What would be the first thing you would do if you became GoW's Lead Designer?

The title says it all: what is your Priority One change/improvement needed?


I would make the Troops area able to be much more fine tuned and efficient. With over 700 troops, it would be great to be able to organize them into Favorites, be able to delete unwanted troops, clear the team build box with one click and otherwise make troop selection less bulky. OCD is a terrible thing to waste … :slight_smile:





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I’d Google Video Game Lead Designer to see what I’m responsible for and what I need to learn, because I don’t think I’m qualified :fearful:


Pinch myself.

For actual design decisions, I’d overhaul the classes in all the ways I’ve outlined … and maybe buff the delve stats from deeds by a factor of four or five?

It’s funny / sad that so much that is wrong with the game and that needs fixing is just balance changes, like class and weapon ability trees. Zero programming involved, just changing a few variables around in a database.

Play the game, to get a better understanding of how all the gears really interact with each other. Just because something looks good on paper doesn’t mean it works out well, you need to drink your own champagne to get the job done properly.