What would be a solid Blade Dancer team?


Thank you! :slightly_smiling:


Blade Dancer is a decent troop, not quite high level tier material… but will scale well as Armour numbers get huge… note that his damage output is pants towards the end of any fight…

If you want to use him, Alchemist is a great team mate, to charge yellows, or Goblin Shaman to charge greens… How about a strong finisher like Raven or Avina to pick off someone with no armour left… or something big up front to tank for you…

I’d try (unsure if you have these):

Blade Dancer

…for example…


Thanks, I have these. Not a bad suggestion. Have you tried it, yet?


Must have tried it or something similar in my early days… yikes, I am so old (in GoW game terms)…

Now I am running mostly control or skull-making teams, as the meta dicates, though if the opponent is weaker I will try my old favourite very fast but very risky:


…yay! Bang bang!


It is so many teams to make. That is what I like about this game, I always seems to find a new troop or two I wanna figure out. :slightly_smiling:


Blade Dancer is an excellent armor wiping troop. However, he is useless after a couple casts when the enemy armor is gone. Therefore, he does best as the first slot troop. Having agile and seige traits, he does pretty well in the first slot.

I like to pair him with a high damage troop such as Shadow-Hunter, or Druid. Here is a team with the new event troop as well:

Blade Dancer
Marsh Raptor


Blade dancer and raptor is using the same mana colors, its the only thing that concern me about that team. I havent tested it tho.


You want to use Blade Dancer first to wipe the enemy armor. Then, either keep it filled, or let it die, while you cast Marsh Raptor. Casting Blade Dancer with no enemy armor is a waste of mana.


Im experimenting Bald Dancer combo, but some how not quite right yet.

Centaur Scout ***
Balde Dancer ***
Stayer ***
The Silent One ***


Blade Dancer ***
Faunessa ****
The Silent one***

The problem is that Blade Dancer works great on the first cast only.
I also would need to replace Faunessa with some other troop.


Maybe a silly idea, but how about somhow combining with Black Beast. Eat the useless Blade Dancer after first cast :slightly_smiling:


Blade Dancer
Imp of Love

It has +4 attack for PvP, well rounded with 2 immunity troops and 2 troops with skull reduction, and has a lot of AoE potential.


Obviously Bone Dragon wouldn’t work. :wink:

How about?

  1. Blade Dancer
    Black Beast

  2. Blade Dancer
    Black Beast
    Giant Spider


Blade Dancer

This comes with Air Link x 2, targeted direct damage, and another AOE.


Blade Dancer is kind of a special snow flake between all the damage splitters :
usually, damage splitters are good by the end of the game as their damage will be more focused, thus dealing more damage per target, but Blade Dancer actually deals more per target early game as he scales with ennemy armor.

As other splitters, he will feel stronger as you get rid of ennemies, but with him, it’s best to leave the armor of the other ennemies untouched, wich means focusing all your damages on one ennemy at a time.

You might think it’s a good idea to pair him with true damages as it won’t lower his damage, but if all your other troops are going for true damage, that will make him look dumb in your composition : what is the point of getting rid of all that armor if you are going for true damage?

No, what he needs to be paired with is a troop that will deal more damage based on ennemy life but doesn’t do true damage. That troop is Shadow-Hunter.

Now all you need is a well rounded team around these 2 troops.

I’d go with either :
Banner : Yellow / Red
Blade Dancer


Banner : Yellow / Purple
Blade Dancer
Shadow Dragon

Now there are troops that deal great single target damage other than Shadow-Hunter and Alchemist isn’t the only one good to fill Blade Dancer, so I guess interesting troops are :
Frost Giant
Green Seer
Marsh Raptor
Sabertooth Lion
Swamplash (if you can fit Green Seer)

Could try this too for example :
Banner : Yellow / Green
Blade Dancer
Green Seer

EDIT : tried that last one in PvP (around 10 battles). Didn’t loose more than my first unit in any battle with :
Blade Dancer lvl 7 Legendary no traits
Alchemist lvl 19 Legendary 2 traits
Green Seer lvl 18 Epic no traits
Swamplash lvl 15 Epic no traits
and against teams including : Goblin spam legendary level (almost all traits). True Shot / agile / Bone Dragon legendary level (traits on true shotters only). Dragon Team legendary level (few traits)


Blade Dancer should be 2nd slot in just about any build. He can easily cast 2 times effectively. Generally, all teams need a trueshot, armored/stoneskin, or leader in the lead position.


True… but isn’t that sad to be so limiting…


Skulls are just too powerful. Even skull removal, transform, etc. can’t counter skull creation like Bone Dragon. It also has to do with entangle being too weak.


Virtually nothing currently counters Bone Dragon, as it is broken… was always on the powerful side, but in 108 and the late game it’s gone ridiculous because of the Armour scaling… for 14 mana, break someone’s armour (worth 20+ damage) and fill the board with skulls - worth arbitrarily large damage, as will invariably kill the first enemy, and often set up killing the second enemy… In the late game that’s an unstoppable say 80+ damage for only 14 mana…


Although I have him in 1st slot in all my teams, I could cast its spell more times than I needed to (easily 3 or 4 times although he was lvl 7 and untraited). I actually don’t mind having him dead quite fast to free the yellow mana gathering on another troop…


Depends on the team it is against and with. In the meta of skulls and trueshot everywhere, that wouldn’t be able to have a consistency. He is indeed stronger in first slot, but that is also a lot more counterable.