What works correctly in Gems of War currently

I figure it’s easier to list what in Gems of War isn’t currently broken compared to what is broken.

No known issues:
Adventure Board Battles
Dungeon Battles
Daily Delves

Known issues:
Everything else and a small development studio trying to support to live service games when they can barely keep even one going.

It’s like asking someone who is drowning to take a picture of you with their phone and then getting mad at them for the picture being blurry due to them shaking.

Sort of like you lied about Arachnaean Weaver being in Event chests for 4 days that it wasn’t. Intentionally misleading folks by not educating them about the truth despite being asked prior to that week is 100% the same as lying. And if you can’t see that, then the bugs aren’t the biggest issue here.

EVERYTHING has gotten worse since Puzzle Quest 3 became a thing. So yes all your words were lies because Gems of War has in fact suffered because
of the other game.


Treasure Hunt, perhaps?

Unfortunately no.
There’s a bug that’s been around for years. If tribute is ready while in the middle of a treasure hunt then the game can crash at the end of the treasure hunt.

As far as I know, it’s never been fixed.


Bummer. Multithreaded programming is not easy, I guess.

What works correctly in Gems of War? At this rate, the answer will soon be nothing.

I play both games. Yes… you should alert the authorities to do a wellness check on me. But that’s another topic. :eyes: Anyway, I’m chiming in to say that this can’t be blamed on PQ3. Every couple of months they throw up a patch there that basically amounts to moving a decimal point to the left or right. There has been one patch with any significant content added. Even that one was basically “Do what you already do, but do it here now, and get different stuff.” I doubt that robbed GoW in any meaningful way.

Everything currently wrong in GoW and systemically wrong in PQ3 smells like publisher BS. From sketchy monetization to cost cutting and short cutting. When you add in the fact that Australia has been closed more weeks than open since the pandemic started? I’m not surprised that both games are a hot mess.

What does surprise me is that they just can’t not add things here in GoW. Like just STOP! We’ve waited how long for new kingdoms? But NOW is the time to do that? FFS! Oh wait… here’s where that sketchy monetization came in.


One thing works perfectly in GOW, the monetization. Always up, always ok → $$$$$$


i can confirm that the bug for TH still exists, i lost several treasure maps because of it, but having so many it wasn’t worth a bug report now.
@devs pls start to fix the main bugs and stop lying, me personally will put out customer alerts now!!!


Only a person who has never been double-charged for a GoW purchase on iOS could say this :grimacing:


That’s seemingly had bugs in the past too. There have been cases where things were randomly marked down, like the Steam pet bundle was $4.99 instead of $49.99. It happened in the Android app as well for some traitstone bundle.

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The maker of Gems of War has publicly stated that their time is being taken by Puzzle Quest 3.
I can only imagine it’s a trickle down effect for the rest of the staff.

That’s a pretty credible source to base my opinion off of.


Only the part where they can get money.


You’ll forgive me if I don’t exactly consider anyone involved with the production of the games a credible source. :roll_eyes: ::coughweavercough::

But in all seriousness… my point was simply that they are not really doing much of anything with PQ3, either. If there were a lot of major (heh even minor) new content, bug fixes, etc happening in PQ3 I could buy that being the reason for the sad state here in GoW. But nope.

Maybe it burns a certain amount of time to ignore the massive problems in PQ3 which in turn prevents fixing problems here? :woman_shrugging:

I’d been thinking that since PQ3 is still in Early Access, they’re possibly still just putting in a lot of time into the official release with a large content update. You could well be right anyway, though – it might not even matter if their time was taken up elsewhere, GoW could still suffer.


I can’t help thinking that after 505 officially aquired Ip2 all has accelerated down hill real fast.
Policy change - lying/misleading: #weavergate and who know what else…
Or just silence…

I played PQ3 until a couple of weeks ago and of course that has taken time to develop, but as someone else pointed out nothing exciting was going on. It wasnt like they were active on the forum or posted often about well anything.
Months between updates, IF they addressed issues brought up by the players, then it was far from enough. Instead they just nerfed the fun or made it unplayable, and left several things half-done.


Seriously, how can they really think I’m gonna play (or even install) PQ3 after the GOW slaughtery, with so many failures, lies, bugs, silences, … You’re losing your player’s base …
When GOW will close, you’ll never see me again 505 … never (so as my money) !


Honestly… @awryan isn’t wrong. Someone is working on PQ3. And this is not helping GoW. I’m just sarcastically venting because PQ3 is a hot mess too. Hotter and messier. So yes please! Staff both projects! :rage:


Bingo. We have a winner!

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There’s only a few regular posters left on the main forums on the PQ3 side (including you and me). Most of the posters, rightfully upset at the state of the game, are so focused on those issues that they aren’t seeing the larger picture there.

PQ3 is likely in classic video game Development Hell right now.

  • Beta/Early Access is now in it’s 9th month and counting on still a very limited number of platforms. There’s no real light at the end of the tunnel right now on when the game could reach a viable 1.0 “worldwide launch” state. IMO, mid-22 launch at the earliest.

  • A very significant portion of the game’s functionality is still in either a placeholder or minimally/barely functional state, after all this time. While some of the slowness can be attributed to the large number of lockdowns in Australia, the reality of the matter is that the devs still have not settled on the core economy structure of the game. They are currently in progress of releasing their THIRD incarnation of the game’s economy structure since beta started. There’s very likely a significant power/design struggle at play here.

  • Until the game’s core economy is settled upon, the devs are focusing almost the entirety of their efforts towards the economy (and monetization) and minimally upon the rest of the game. Given that the devs are working on a 8 week development cycle, most of these changes are being released piecemeal and often require 2 cycles (16 weeks) to fully implement before observing to see if those changes actually worked or not. Such is the case with the current re-write of the game’s core economy, where the December update will be needed before the full picture of the latest rewrite is fully known.

Side notes for the GoW crowd:

  • The Kingdom Pass system was taken straight out of PQ3 and shoehorned and band-aided into GoW as best as this game would allow given its age. In PQ3, this system is generically called a Battle Pass and is part of the base core economic system of the game.

  • Crowns in PQ3 are a super-premium currency that exists above Gems. While a player can earn and win Gems from doing various things, just like in GoW, a player can only obtain Crowns through direct real money purchases. Crowns can be converted to Gems, but Gems can never be converted to Crowns. The majority of the game’s offers to players are often denominated in Crowns and not Gems (there is a roll to see if the game presents the offer in Crowns or Gems [depending on the offer], but the roll is weighted towards Crowns).

  • Fun fact for the older crowd here: PQ3 is currently undergoing its THIRD UI/UX overhaul. The latest one in slow motion implementation is removing most (if not all) of the fantasy flairs from the UI/UX and replacing it with the same blocky Modern interface that GoW was converted to in the 4.x series of updates.

By the time PQ3 formally launches, I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t functionally almost the same game, just with different coats of paint on them (ex: in GoW, players pick 4 troops for a team to use their abilities in combat. In PQ3, the player equips themselves with four different spells to take into combat).

PQ3, I believe, is very slowly shaping up to be realistically Gems of War 2022 from a technological standpoint, less any features in GoW that the devs in hindsight deemed to be horrible mistakes or very bad ideas (ex: the devs are very resistant to allow playing at speeds over 1x, despite that being the most requested feature on the forums).


My PQ3 journey went like this: install, start playing, realise that the opponent doesn’t actually move the gems so you are just playing a turn counter, realise you spend a lot of time just watching animations with no way to speed them up, uninstall