505 Acquires Infinity+2 & Gems of War (Read about what this means for you)

Ahoy, adventurers!I have some news for you all, so please read on!

Infinity+2 (and therefore Gems of War) has been acquired by 505 Games. Now, I’m sure you all have a lot of questions, so I’ll try to answer as many as possible here and provide some further information.

What does this mean for Gems of War?

  • Not much, really!

  • No seriously, not much. While 505 now owns Infinity+2 and Gems of War, we are a subsidiary of them, and Steve is still our creative director. We will continue working on Gems of War as we have in the past.

  • However, with the backing of a large company, we may get the chance to improve Gems of War in ways that we couldn’t before. Woohoo!

What does this mean for infinity+2?

  • Not much, really!

  • No seriously, not much aside from more stability and the possibility of further growth.

So why am I telling you?

  • Because I think it is the right thing to do!

  • As of today this has become public knowledge and I know you are all ridiculously good at ferreting out information. Instead of finding out through the grapevine, I wanted to be as transparent as possible first.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you all have a lovely day.


This really isn’t news. But thanks for the transparency.
It’s basically been this way unofficially since 2018ish.

But that does mean…

@Saltypatra so now Cyrup is an “employee” of 505 Games??? Lmao :rofl: (less than a week later.)


Thank you for sharing, Salty. Definitely is better to hear about it officially than having someone dig it out and feel like you were trying to hide it from us.

Oh boy. Acquisitions are fun. Happened to our company last year. Gotta say, it worked out just great for us, employees, not so great for our original customers :speak_no_evil: I’ll be nervously watching to see how this one works out for us, but I’m hopeful! Best of luck to everyone at Infinity+2, hope it works out for you :slight_smile:


@awryan it means I’m an employee of them too!

@mitamata thanks!


I guess my “conspiracy theory” willed it into existence.
You’re welcome. :wink:


Linky link!

… the role-playing puzzle game Gems of War, which has generated more than Euro 5.6 million revenues in the last fiscal year and more than Euro 22 million since its launch …

Not too shabby :smiley:

Not too shabby at all! However, please keep in mind the following points…

  • These numbers often don’t include taxes, tariffs, etc.
  • We don’t see all of that gross money, or net money.

It’s best to take these sorts of numbers with a grain of salt. <3


In that link, I+2 had revenue of AUD 4.3M, but Gems of War had revenue of €5.6M. So basically there was already a revenue split of some kind in place for the game, right?

One step closer to being saved by Microsoft.
Come on daddy Spencer. :pray:

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@XLS78, yes, there has always been a revenue split. Also, the revenue for Infinity+2 isn’t solely from Gems of War.

So the idea of running a crowdfunding campaign to allow IP2 to publish GoW independently is kind of moot at this point? :sweat_smile:

I am hoping we won’t see more ‘stock-standard’ gacha monetisation features (the lack of which many like myself were drawn to), but Steve has talked before about the stability benefits of the gacha model, which only seems to have been manifesting further with what seems like increased 505 influence, and this realistically only affirms it more:

I really do hope that

really does come to fruition, although I haven’t necessarily been impressed so far with improvements able to be made in the wake of the existing increased gacha stability/monetisation. Maybe the acquisition will remove some barriers that might have hindered this – I guess we’ll see :slightly_smiling_face: :confused: ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I personally would like to see, crossover events. Like characters from Bloodstained or Control be featured in Gems of War. Idk if 505 actually owns the license on those franchises or being the publisher of the games just makes it easier. But it would be cool if it means things like that can be easily done now.

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@Saltypatra doesn’t know what revenue is? Lol

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I don’t see this as a good thing. Name a game studio bought out by a publisher that decided to acknowledge the players wants and needs afterwards.

All we are going to get are hard deadlines which lead to unfinished content and bugs.

More monetized content to stay profitable, which will then lead to staff cuts when those profits aren’t made.

Get your wallets ready or pack your bags.


Is Pipeworks going to regain any control related to the game as a result of this sale?

Just gonna have to see what happens with the next major update or two. As far as I’m concerned this changes literally nothing and that is not good because we need things to change.


@VegaDark541 this is highly unlikely. We will be handling all the current development aspects of Gems of War, and may even grab some more in future. I doubt Pipeworks will be involved again.

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While it is indeed likely that this will magnify the regrettable direction the game has taken in the past couple of years, it does add an iota of a chance that someone higher up within 505 with empathy for the playerbase (and the monetisation opportunities arising from people spending because they are having Fun) may become more involved and help fix the direction, even if it is a little, so we never see things like e.g. shrines being released again…

…assuming such a person exists in 505…
:crossed_fingers: :relaxed: :vulcan_salute:

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Welcome new 505 overlords. Can you remove the bugged exclamation marks, and remove having to grind for the privilege of paying? If so this paying customer will sacrifice anything you desire.

I do wonder if the game update priorities will change. Will it improve, worsen, or stay the same?

On a different note, hope everything goes well for @Saltypatra and the rest of the team. Acquisitions do not always go smoothly.

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The “new” overlords are the reason those things existed already. (99% sure)
505 games has published Gems of War from the very start. And as years have gone on. And more money was needed by Infinity Plus 2. 505 Games took more and more of an influence over the direction of the game.
Like I indicated above. This announcement is really just making public a relationship that’s already existed for years anyway. They just made it “forums official”.

And now Salty and I can’t have pointless debates about what staff members work for what company. Because every Infinity Plus 2 member (Even Sirrian) now bends the knee to 505 Games.