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What were the anniversary giveaways on PS4 and Xbox?

Saw on twitter there were lots of giveaways today. Was just curious what to look forward to on PC/Mobile.

There has not been any yet on PS4.


Their hard work on the new update has been crapped on. I don’t think they are in any mood you give anything away. :frowning:


Nothing seen yet on ps4. Lets hope they give Xantheos

Are you being serious?

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in-game news says in-game giveaways start on November 6th. click the link and facebook says it starts on October 18th. shrug

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I’d be very happy if the giveaway was just the old board back.


The only “giveaways” I’ve seen on PS4 was a mail from 505 that had 20,000 gold and 3 or 4 gem keys with a note they were a gift for the horrible broken troops (elspeth etc) at the last update. I don’t think that was part of the 3rd anniversary celebration :thinking:

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The 3rd Anniversary is today (facebood message) but the gift will be given on November 6th (maybe a troop not yet finished :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Maybe the old UI is the prize.

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So far we have the equivalent of a turd in a box.


Its a complimentary part to the new UI: Basically just a coupon - to be redeemed at one’s local pharmacy - giving each player a 10 box of Paracetamol/Ibuprofen/Co-codamol.

I can hardly wait!


Its not pretty is it. I was saying elsewhere; normally I wake up and do my tasks etc over breakfast (well, coffee and rollies) - but this is the first time in a long, long time that I looked at the PS4 and just went; ‘Nah’.

That can’t be the desired effect.

I love the game, but with the eye-bleeding visuals, the crazy meta, unaddressed bugs - playing it just seems properly masochistic.

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They said they are working on a fix hopefully for next week so I am hopeful!

Well I need you to stick around as two are definitely quitting so far

We are getting a lump of coal…wait we got that a couple days ago.

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Seriously? That is idiotic, imagine if I did that with my kids- It’s your birthday we’ll give you a card so you know it’s your birthday and in a few weeks we’ll get you a cake and maybe a present lol

We have the same breakfast. Except now I throw in a paracetamol and rub my eyes more.

It can happen: you bought something on Amazon and the delivery is late…

Desv should have a good reason for that. If the gift was only keys we should have received them. So it’s surely something that ask some time to prepare :stuck_out_tongue: .