What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?

I just got all the orbs I need to craft Zuul. Yeah yeah yeah, I’m late to the game and there are guys here that have enough to craft him fifty times if they wanted to. But better late than never, right?

Here’s my problem: I don’t feel like I want to craft him anymore. I played my butt off for the last 3-4 months to get the remaining five power orbs I needed to craft him and now I feel like he isn’t that important anymore. I think it might be a case where I enjoy the chase and the hunt more than I enjoy the reward. I don’t know… maybe one of yous can talk some sense into me or even slap me upside the head or something…

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you burnt out. anyway, 3-4 months probably not enough to get 5 power orbs unless play your butt out means chasing leaderboard. otherwise, take it casual and you get it when you get it.

Just craft him. You won’t regret it :smile:


Those who don’t have ZG are the only ones who don’t like ZG.


I had a similar feeling right after I crafter him a few weeks ago. A “now what?” kind of feeling. Made me slow down for a while and step back from the game. And then I found the next goal to go for and got back to the grind :smiley:

It’s like running a race. You just pushed yourself to the finish line and now you’re tired. Cross that finish line, then rest and soon you’ll find another race to run. Or you’ll give up running, could go either way :laughing:


Zuul’Goth is a fun troop to use and great for Guild Wars. There will always be more stuff to chase, so just relax and go at your own pace. There’s almost certainly a new long-term chase coming with the new patch in a couple of weeks too. Hang in there.


Thanks for the replies, guys. I know there’s plenty of stuff left for me to do. It’s just that I have been concentrating on getting Zuul so much that I haven’t really concentrated on anything else in the game. The crazy thing is looking back I did get a lot of things done but that was only because those things had to be done to get enough for Zuul. Thanks for putting things in perspective for me.

Just a side note: @jeno is right. I was so excited about getting that final ascension orb I blew my wad and said 3-4 months. That’s wrong- I actually decided I was gonna go for Zuul back in late December early January. So it was actually about 7 months. What can I say? I’m a pre-ejaculator. Didn’t mean to mislead anybody.

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Sounds like a cry for attention to me …


Lol yeah look at me! Look at me! I finally did something 90% of the board has done already!

90% is even close … there is literally no other troop in the game as valuable as ZG in GW. There is no rational reason to “play your butt off” then suddenly decide it’s not worth the effort. I stand by the prior comment.

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Okaaaaay. Cool dog, by the way

Do you want to upgrade Karakoth? You can’t do that without ZG :slight_smile:

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This is the truth!

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Craft him because he one of the top mythics in game.

Zuul goth sucks at not killing stuff.

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not true,
find him usefull, but rarely use him (mainly as GW defender)
just… other troops are so much more entrataining(or quicker), than 1shot blowing everything (seriously) - had fun with Zuul (for a week or two), when i got him. got bored.

let’s say i’m more interested of playing another tresure hunt, than another zuul fight

let’s say i’m more interested of playing another tresure hunt, than another zuul fight

Stop trying to invite Cthulhu into the thread.

One of these days, the devs are going to take claims of “I’d rather play Treasure Hunt than < X thing I don’t like about GoW >” seriously and make Treasure Hunt a mandatory game feature (with participation being “optional”, of course) for weekly events.

Do we really want to go back to the old-style weekly events?


That’s too bad. Zuul isn’t just one shooting the whole team. If you can utilize him properly all you need to do is fire zuul once and the round is over.



Using him properly doesn’t mean anything. All you need is a lucky board and skull cascade.
But like i posted earlier → boring troop at all. Very strong, and battles become trivial and not interesting.
You can get same results(one shot whole enemy team) with Savage Hunter or Webspinner with a good skull conversion(and again - some luck), and you dont need to fill their mana for that :wink:
Heck, you can even one-shot enemy team with some luck with Skeleton key (2 deaths from key, 2 more from raising shadows procing for every kill).
You can get Archer in front and get few procs of his insta kill on same skull cascade.

New mythic (that Wargare/Construct one) with 100% armor piercing will also be viable for that job.


I realy liked those old-style, weekly events. Plus nothing in this game is mandatory… Only things you have to do, are those you imply on yourself (or your guild implies). That’s a great thing about this game - it has a few game modes which you can play but dont have too. TH is a bit different than other ones.

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Lots of things.

Oh, maybe I should read the post.