What the heck is going on?


Trying for the new legendary this week in the event drop pool, I would sure like to know why the hell I just got 6 Falconers in a row with 6 Event keys. That’s IN A ROW! This game is just screwing up royal now. (Not to mention the UI and gnome fiasco.)


Pretty normal there to the Kingdoms Ultra Rare, count yourself lucky you didn’t get some Flame Cannons. :yum:


You call that normal? Go back to sleep genius.


Well that’s a helpful and productive way to get feedback.


I believe what he meant is that Ultra-rares are pretty much the low tier reward you’ll usually get. But i believe you are just frustratingly surprised that you got the same Ultra-Rare and therefore you think there is something wrong with the game as in punishing you for no apparent reason.

Yes, the occurrence is quite singular, but no it’s not impossible and it’s not actively trying to prevent you from getting what you want. I believe i had the same experience trying for Chief Stronghorn getting many Minogors in a row, but i didn’t counted how many because it was meaningless.

To a certain extent you are working yourself up for no reason. People got Divine Ishbala with few keys, i used 94 keys. If you are having too much bad luck you would probably do better by crafting her when possible instead of wasting too much on event chests.


Yeah I do call it normal, out of a batch of 50 keys you should expect to get at least 30 Ultra Rares. So certainly not out of the realms of possibility to obtain ‘6 in a row’…



With the way rarity works this is very common. Sorry to hear about your bad experience @Razguul.


In my experience, 50 event keys = 1 Legendary on average. Sometimes you get 2, sometimes you get 0. Takes 450-500 event keys to get to Mythic.
Later game when you have tons of glory (> 100k), you can buy event keys for 180 glory in the shop (9k glory per 50) and keep trying! Good luck.


that’s out of date more like 100 plus event keys 1 legendarynow