What the heck is Fairy Fire?!


I just got inflicted by “Fairy Fire.” But I have no idea how – none the opponents wielded it. And I’d been playing this game for over a year. Got it while in Darkstone, in case that’s a thing.


It’s a new spell effect, it will come out with a new kingdom. But some troop can already use it like dragonette and other troop casting random status effect

It deal +50% magic damage


I love fairy fire!


Who is your favorite troop using that status effect?


Considering there are like 3 troops (max) that apply a random status effect, this will be a very short list until the new kingdom comes out.


Darkstone has Hag which was probably the culprit in this case (She inflicts a random status effect on an enemy). But as others have said, currently it’s only possible to get afflicted with Fairy Fire through random status effect troops.


A troop from the next kingdom. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol i know but wich one? :slight_smile:




LOl it’s not like we don’t know wich troop are coming up :stuck_out_tongue:


The [Name redacted for spoiler resons] one.


Why adding a new status in the game without a proper introduction (in the patchnote for example)?
I understand it’s for the next kingdom, but it’s like the 3rd topic about “WTF is Fairy Fire”…


I bet it’s Pixie?



I don’t recall any in-game unit called “Pixie”. What forbidden knowledge are you purposing to be leaking? :thinking:


coming soon TM