What should be done about the Cedric Medal?

Pretty sure it’s not stackable. That would take a bit of effort to change vs. the quick fix they did just now.

You mean it would be more work to make it not stackable. The percent change is just a variable change. That’s like 5 minutes to find where to change and 5 seconds to make the change. It’s pretty much the lowest risk type of code change you can make. The variable value is probably even externalized to a config file.

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10% makes it so you have to use all 3 medals.

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i know its too late because a change has been made… but i think this is a vote that should be check box :wink:i would vote for 3 of these as acceptable. (remove it, nerf it, or disable it) all acceptable.

If it’s any consolation, I doubt the forum complaints of 5 people led to the knee-jerk nerf. I would imagine the devs freaked out when they saw 90% of the player base running 3x Cedric medals (after only 5 days though?:thinking:)

(Not that I would’ve expected that distribution to change too much over time, but still.)


If that was the case, hopefully they considered how the drop rates affect what people use. By the time I farmed 3x Medals of another kind (which was after several days of farming) I had 8x Cedric Medals… Even if it was only 10% to begin with, I would have used it over 1 Medal that gave +8 life.


If we conclude based on the (highly empirical :stuck_out_tongue:) poll above, they did not seem to have heard us clearly. Maybe they heard what they wanted to hear? :thinking:

Nor did they communicate to us what the change was or when to expect it (lie? deceit? lack of professionalism? …?) :sweat_smile:

Could anyone in a timezone with access to the twitch stream please report on @Saltypatra 's response to how they handled the Cedric need? :pray::vulcan_salute:

^^^ I’m not even trying hard and I’ve already got 5 Cedric medals and no more than 2 of any other.

Why not make the percentages not add on top of each other as absolute values, but instead have diminishing returns (e.g. 40%^1 initially; 40%^2=16% for the second one and 40%^3 = 6.4% for the 3rd one) for total of 40%+16%+6.4% = 62.4% chance from 3 medals.
(which would be more inline with the initial percentage that was from one medal, and twice the effect of 10%+10%+10%=30% as it is now)

x^y means x on power of y, e.g. x^2 means x multiplied by x, x^3 means x multiplied by x multiplied by x

P.S. Also disabling all medals in PvP, GvG until the setup is balanced could be the best course of action here.