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What level players read these forums?

With all the, let’s just call it feedback, on the new patch (tasks specifically), I was wondering what level everyone is and how long have you been playing? It seems that most of the people that post here are higher level and have more cards leveled and traited as a result. I’d love to see more new players around, both for the feedback they can leave on the forums, and more new players in game to keep it going.

I’m currently level ~75 and started a week ago. I have both sets of armor and almost all cards. (then again, I spent quite a bit of money to get them)

lvl 490, playing since console release. all 155 (?) troops and ~120 at mythic :smile:

Lvl 189 here, playing since the game came to PS4, but playing in mobile.

Level 307
All 156 Troops (including the unreleased Ifrit)
90+ Mythic
All 20 Kingdoms at Level 10, 1/2 Kingdoms 3+ Stars
Playing since November/Dec? with some breaks
VIP level 2

EDIT: In #2 Guild

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Level 600ish. Here since the second event of the game on PC (Spider Queen)
Edit : oh, but I didn’t notice this was a consile thread…

Level 321
All 155 Troops
70+ Mythic
All Kingdoms level 10
Been playing since close to the XB1 release
VIP level 2 (Until the DeathKnight armor becomes available)

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I’m level 238 and been playing since about March on PS4. I am still missing a couple of legendaries and haven’t gotten a single troop to mythic yet, though I have a few that are getting very close. I have about 7 kingdoms at level 10 and most of the rest at 6 or 7. VIP level 2.

369 here, but on Mobile. All kingdoms 10, and all but Autumnal Imp collected. Get into a good, and active guild and you will progress very quickly.

265 on PS4 at the time of this post.

Level 960 since release 140 ~ Mystic


270ish, VIP 8.

Honestly don’t know when i initially started playing.

I’m level 182. I think I started playing in March.

Began in January on the PS4.

Currently level 438
127/155 Mythic Troops (and have them all)
142/155 Troops at max level for their rarity
all Kingdoms level 10
15/20 Kingdoms at 3*+
VIP 2 (gifted by the devs)
#2 Guild on Console

almost lvl 200

Smart players read the forums, and smart isn’t a level. But the best hint I can give you is join the most actively guild task guild you can.

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I’m not concerned about myself. I already have a great guild. But others need to get into the game a bit, usually, before searching the forums.


Level 176, playing for ~4 wks. Not happy with some aspects of the new release on Xbox. The extra content is most fun but the reward for quest/challenge battle wins are now ridiculously low. I have saved my gems for a long time to get Dragon Armor for 100% increase in gold and now I’m getting less than when I had no armor! Experience seems much lower! I think I used to get glory for winning matches but NONE now and even souls are considerably less now. And it seems the in-battle rewards (keys and maps) are much much less now. I read the patch release notes about trying to reduce abuse by some users but, hell, this is too low. I used to be able to watch my resources grow in a fairly short period of time but now it takes forever to see even a nudge. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but it you have, please post your thoughts. Happy battles! :slight_smile:

That’s great progress in a week!

Level 175 myself, playing since console release.

Currently stuck for a while on level 1000.