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What Legendarys are worth crafting for a Noob?

Hi, I am relativly new to this game, I started to play it less than a month ago and oh boy I didn’t expect that this game will hook me up so hard. :smiley:
I am about Level 300 now and focussing mostly on upgrading my kindoms at the moment (I guess about 1/3 of them are level 10, some with 4 stars, all others are at least level 6 with 2 stars) and I decided to choose the Dragon class as my main class for my hero, because I loooove the -40% skull damage on the hero. All traits are onlocked and the hero class is at level 80+.
My “dream” is to build one of the cool looking AOE dragon teams some day, which I see often in PvP.

Now to my main question. I have nearly 800 diamonds (the currency for the soul forge) and I wonder, for what Legendary minion I should use this rare stones. I don’t want to wait till I have 4000 for a mystic minion, so it’s about how to spend my 800 diamonds in the near future.
At the moment The Great Maw is avaible and the Devour ability looks very nice for me, because I nearly always use Black Manacles, because you can farm with them pretty well and they often won me battles with the devour which weren’t winable otherwise.
On the other side I would love to get on of the legendary AOE dragons out there, especially Dragon Soul.

So: Is it worth to craft The Great Maw or is it better to wait for one of the AOE dragons - or should I even use my diamonds for a completly different minion?

PS: As far as I can see I’ve allready drawn some legendary minions, but execpt of Divine Ishbaala all of them seems crap for me.

As you’ve mentioned, the dragon soul is a great option for early players. Even with the nerf to his 3rd trait, he is still worthwhile.

Gorgotha is another one to consider, a tanky mana exploder/gatherer :+1:

There are plenty of legendaries that aren’t crap and in some cases better than some mythics. Don’t waste your gems crafting maw though.


Gorgotha was the one with the extreme high protection against skulls, right?

So I shouldn’t consider the Maw at all?

There are better options than maw, save your gems :+1: maw is good but not great.

Yao guai


Queen Titania


Both of these work great together and could help a lower player go a long way.

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Ty for the suggestion, but to get two special legys seems a but utopian for me at the moment. :smiley:
But I will keep them in mind. ^^

@mid-81: Ty for the clear advice. Then I will skip the Maw as much I would like to have it and hope, I will get him in one pack one day. ^^

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A new mythic troop will be released Friday. Save all keys until then and try your luck. Maybe you will get lucky and pull a few legendary troops as well.

Good luck! :+1::+1::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Don’t bother saving for legendary. Just save all your gems to craft Infernus!


Which keys should I save? Or can the new mystic minion with every key? o.O
At the moment I spent all my keys. I guess it’s time to save the next ones asap. ^^

The Dragon Soul should be your first legendary, then I think really you should focus on mythics. The suggestions of Yao Guai and Queen Titania are great, but I think by the time you have enough diamonds to have received Infernus, Ubastet, and Pharos-Ra you’ll have naturally obtained an awful lot of legendaries from (good) guild rewards. The Dragon Soul is a great early soul farming troop and fits into many, many teams. The others are still S-rank legendaries but work on fewer teams and don’t help you farm souls.

When a new mythic troop comes out, it releases on a Friday. It remains the only mythic available for 7 days, then chests go back to normal. The things you want to save are:

  • Gem keys
  • Glory keys
  • Guild seals

I wanted to say Event keys, but I can’t remember if those are the exception to the “only new mythic” rule. The three things I listed are the only things that open a chest that might give you a mythic. Keep in mind guild seals don’t have a mythic chance until your guild hits 20k seals. If your guild isn’t, find one that does.

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Event keys are the exception to the only new mythic rule. The Event Kingdom being Blackhawk this week, there are no base mythics in event keys this week.

I joint a rather inactive guild. At the end of the weak the total guild seals are about 10.000. I just joined a guild, which looked more casual, because at first I didn’t know how much effort I want to put in this game. And at the moment, I think a guild with high requests wouldn’t fit me yet, because I spent nearly all my gold to build up my cities.

Thanks btw. for the additional vote on Dragon Soul. It is the Legy I want to have the most and if “a lot” of people here say she is the best Legy to begin with, I am now sure to save my diamonds until she will hopefully show up in the soul forge soon. ^^

Thanks so far for all of you trying to help a noob like me in such a friendly way. Keep this constructive discussion up! ^^

Unless you want that mythic specifically, there’s not a lot of point in saving all your keys to burn when a mythic has its exclusive week. That way all the others are in the pool of mythics to get.

As for legendaries, definitely want to get Gorgotha and Dragon Soul. Those are very strong troops without requiring ascension, traits or being leveled particularly high. If high-level traits are an option for you, Gorgotha is an even stronger choice - Queen Titania and Queen Mab are other ones that just work well in most cases. Another favorite is Krystenax, with or without traits, but significantly stronger if leveled up.


I got Gorgotha this week from a chest and I was super happy at first. I farmed all traitstones for his passives and leveled him to 19. Then I tested him and yes, he takes nearly no damage from skulls, but he gets still melted pretty fast by spells and his skull damage is pityfull compared the the damage my hero can dish out at position 1. :frowning:
At the moment he is a big disapointment for me. Is there a viable strategy to use a support troop in my party to buff up Gorgothas attack and HP? Maybe Sunweaver?
I even considering again to craft The Maw, because if it survives long enough to eat one enemy it will be always very beefy and have tons of skull damage.

Gorgo is good but you need more then one team, you need to switch team between fight.

Gorgo is very good against doomskulls and to refill your other troops he really effective if you place him with tds… the key in this game is to been able to select the good team depending who you are fighting.

I may be listing repeats here due to lack of patience to sift through what’s already been said, but here are MY list of Legendaries that are worth crafting without question, “!!As long as you’re not saving for mythics!!”!:

Your Priorities here would be Divine Ishbaala, The Dragon Soul, Emperor Khorvash, Krystenax then the rest are based out of necessity or preference.

And here are some that are worthy if you either REALLY want them, or need them for a team set-up. Not to say they aren’t good, because some of them are my favorite troops, but I wouldn’t personally craft them otherwise:

Your Priorities here would be Glaycion, King Bloohammer or Tesla (If you have a good team for her), Kerberos, and then the rest based on your preference or necessity.

The only other Legendaries that are arguably worth crafting are the imps:
This is because the Imps are seasonal, so if you weren’t lucky enough to nab one from chests during the season they were available, you’ll have to wait an entire year before you can get a chance to grab them again.

@Rickygervais: This sounds reasonable for me. So far I had more trouble against loop teams than with skull heavy teams. When I face more skull teams, I will surely be happy again, that I have Mr. G avaible. ^^

@Arcemius: Thanks for this great post!
So The Great Maw is not even mentioned? So he is “pretty useless” in your opinion? He looks so damn strong for me - but maybe just because of my newbie point of view. ^^

This after everything else shown. Because imps have zero tactical significance really.

As far as the Great Maw is concerned, I’ve honestly never been a fan of Devouring troops, but I know some people worship them. That said, the Great maw as a troop specifically is not too impressive. Not only are many of the top tier troops immune to devour, he can only cast his attack once. If you’re looking into a devourer, look at either Kerberos, Kraken, or Black Manacles on the Hero. I’ve even seen decent teams with Gerbil.

The most important thing to remember is that rarity doesn’t mean anything other than what a troops POTENTIAL stats and traits COULD be. I’ve seen SO many legendaries and arguably mythics that are useless or next to it, and so many commons, rares, ultra rares, and epics that blow my enemies away. I am in the top bracket in GW on Playstation, and many of my teams consist of ALL rarities, in fact, one of my teams has no legendaries or mythics.

Right, sorry - I failed to mention that. Thank you.