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What Kingdom Should Get a Rework Next?

So yeah, that was a click bait title… :wink: EDIT: @sirrian ninja-edited my hilarious title… (I wonder if I keep editing it back, who will lose patience first… but that might get me banned, or my hero renamed to Twinklepants)

But while you are here, how about a poll for which kingdom you’d most like to see reworked next?

(picked from the ones I could think of that most need it, sorry if I missed your favourite off)

  • Adana
  • Darkstone
  • Divinion Fields
  • Forest Of Thorns
  • Grosh-Nak
  • Khaziel
  • Pan’s Vale
  • Pridelands
  • Sword’s Edge
  • Wild Plains

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Groshnak easy win because of garnok xD
Except kruarg I never used any troops from there really.
And karakoth is another one that also needs some love.

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Grosh-Nak needs a kingdom overhaul, just like what Maugrim Woods got.

I don’t think Adana should be reworked despite it being weak. It’s the 2nd kingdom all new players battle in when first starting in the game, so it shouldn’t be too strong.

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I just want a damage boost for dokkalfar, the rest of his kingdom is fine.

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Yeah oops missed Karakoth, which is pretty pants…

That was like the most annoying title ever created, lol, well done! :wink:

Would loved to see Orcs got some rework, Grosh’Nak for me.

I would love to see Adana get a rework, if nothing else to see Carnex live up to his potential. A lot of them need a rework, though, and I can’t argue with Grosh-Nak.

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Are we at the point again were Stormheim gets deliberately left out of lists like that? :stuck_out_tongue:
I know i know, your list, your rules, still though in a list of ten i would have expected them for sure. Thematically and synergy-wise they need a rework more than most on the list, and viability wise probably too as the one troop of Stormheim that was actually played got hit with the necromancy cut recently.

Pridelands for me.
Pride Hunter, Rex Warrior, Shadow Hunter, and Sabertooth Lion needs some buffing, the rest of Pridelands troops are fine.

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If we added to Sparkgrinder’s effect so he has a 40% chance to summon carnex, that would be amazing, you know considering the lore and what not.


Hehe… I agree most Stormheim stuff could do with a buff, but it felt less desperate than the ones listed on my first pass to hastily set up a poll :slight_smile:

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While I’d like to vote Wild Plains due to only having 2-4 real viable troops.
(Late Game = Soothsayer & Gorgon, + Early/Mid Game = Hydra & Sunweaver, the rest are the pits.)

Grosh-Nak takes first place being the least viable kingdom at any point in the game. Drake Rider’s the only half-decent troop in early game and Arena, but no one can vouch for the rest of them being of any reasonable use unless you’re bad enough at surviving to need frequent summon fodder. (Did you notice that more than a 3rd of all Grosh-Nak troop’s spells summon something?)

If Gar’Nok will be forced to keep his summoning, at least make the summon a random Orc-type, instead of always being the same lame Orc troop.


Not surprised about the winner (was anyone?), but I’m kind of surprised at some other kingdoms that got votes. Khaziel, really??

Would be interesting to see results of this kind of Poll with comment section turned off somehow :wink: I wonder how badly the results were affected by first two comments so obviously and strongly suggesting Grosh’nak :slight_smile:

(then again maybe they weren’t affected, what do I know! just a curious thought from the border of statistics and sociology (if such border exists, hm)).

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The poll question was “which kingdom you’d most like to see reworked”, not “which kingdom needs a rework the most”, so there isn’t really a ‘correct’ answer. Someone likes Khaziel’s theme, and wants the troops to be more usable than they are now. I think it makes perfect sense.


I am much more surprised about Forest of Thorns votes.
Thematically and stylistically one of the most well matched troop lineups of all kingdoms that also fields some great and highly viable individual troops and synergies.
There is always room for improvement in any kingdom, but compared to some other (trainwreck)kingdoms on the list Forest of Thorns has luxury problems at best.

grosh-nak deserves a rework coz it requires basically changes in both:
gar’nok and his minion orc

and the rest of units i barely ever see anywhere either…

they werent affected for me - first i voted then scrolled down to read comments

The title is actually “Which Kingdom Should Get a Rework Next?” Khaziel has some of the most viable and popular troops - Rock Worm, Deep Borer, Gorgotha, Apothecary - so it doesn’t really make sense.

The title was not written by the thread opener, it is an edit by sirrian (formerly contained some click bait joke). The actual poll question is what’s in the body of the post.

Assume someone likes dwarfs (one of khaziel’s main themes), there are 5 male dwarf troops in khaziel, all of them are not very good. It makes sense that someone will want a rework to all khaziel dwarfs.