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What. Just...what. (Calendar reward: x100 War Corgi)

x100 War Corgi?!
Now, look. It’s very nice if you really give us all 100 War Corgis. But I did NOT know we would get them. I bought copies in the shop over and over and over and spent a few thousand gems to make my Corgi mythic. If this is not a display bug, this calendar should have been there on the day of the pet event so that I would have known.

I’m quite frankly really upset right now. Lil’ Freedom didn’t get this (unless I missed it?) and there was simply no way to know this would be a thing so that players had to assume they would have to buy copies.

Anyone have any insight on this? Even if this is a bug and we just get one copy, this still would have saved me 100 gems (final shop tier). So yeah, I’m upset no matter what.

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Ummm… why?

I’m assuming this is a display bug… or reward bug… or someone’s gonna get shot…


I think Salty mentioned that everyone would be getting the Corgi for international dog day as a spoiler in her last stream.

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Duuuuude. It’s a Corgi!

Well, nice to not tell the non-stream watchers, I guess, so that they spend more gems… :confused: I mean, not everyone can do the pet rescue event. Some newbies can just maybe do the first battle or the first two and there is no guaranteed pet there. Which would mean they would have to buy several tiers (I think tier 3 is the first guaranteed pet?) to get the pet they would have gotten for free three days later… newbies usually only really slowly make gems, too…

There should have been an announcement ingame or the calendar should have went up same day as the event, even if this is a display bug and there’s just a single copy of the pet included. If it’s really 100 Corgis… well, good riddance. I know it’s free and I am normally the last person to complain about free stuff. But this just feels like such a dirty move to get people to spend gems, no matter if one Corgi or 100.


It’s back to 1 now. Would have loved to have 100 to get the easy level 20 pet but alas, not the case. Although if that was the case of 100, I would pity anyone who spent all those gems to get it mythic in the first place.


Still says 100 on xbox, so I expect an army of war corgis.


It indeed is just saying “War Corgi” now for PC, so I suppose it really was just an error. I stand by my point that not showing the calendar on Wednesday has been a gem-grabby move, especially towards newbies who cannot clear the pet event. Free stuff is generous and awesome stuff, but this kinda ugly tint on it really didn’t have to happen. I also get that maybe uploading the calendar with the new kingdom in-week patch is convenient… but then a simple mail on Wednesday would have been kind.

I’ve seen my share of jaded interpretations of the dev’s motives. But, this takes the cake. I doubt very seriously that the calendar update had any correlation with the free War Corgi.


I still just can’t understand why anyone would spend gems to get a different colour border on a pet that has no effect on gameplay.


If you spend gems on cosmetic pets then you cannot accuse the devs of illuminati tactics. - new forums rule.

All those in favor like this comment.
All those not in favor quit the forums for a day. :wink:


I cannot see the logic of wasting gems on a cosmetic pet, each to their own though.


I agree 100%!

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Because kingdom power levels will eventually require multiple pets, and at levels 10/15/20. It’s a long ways off, but we don’t know when or if we’ll see the Wargi again.

Valid point so apologies on my comment if it offended anyone. Nevertheless, short term it seems like a waste of resources.


Spending gems on things is a personal choice, I would not use gems on a cosmetic pet, as I do not believe the devs would force us to level a cosmetic for a kingdom upgrade. But as I said, I agree 100% each to their own!!!

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Cosmetic pets will never be tied to a kingdom. The pets that buff kingdom bonuses will be the only ones used to level up a Kingdom.
Either way… It’s gonna be a bit. And you’ll have at least 2 more chances to get cosmetic pets before it could ever matter.

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My Wargi says it is from Sword’s Edge. Where did you hear that cosmetic pets wouldn’t count towards kingdom advancement?

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@Sheba what do you have against 100 pets? Shame!

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War Corgi still isn’t necessary. In all, you’ll need 2 fully upgraded pets and 1 extra pet just collected. Sword’s Edge already has Griffling, and there are 2 more in the pipeline. So, there is no need to upgrade corgi for kingdom stars.