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What is your Top 10 list of troops you want to see reworked?

Hello everyone!(Tacet Style) :grin:

It is time to have a talk/discussion on troops that you feel deserves a rework.
I personally loves to see that the Devs is reworking troops. The reason is that
sometimes it feels like we get a totally new useful troop, just that it keeps its art.
The excitement with seeing troops get reworked now and then, is so totally great.
Also the game has so many troops atm(more will come!), and also that gives a
lot of options for Devs in the future to balance/rework old troops. So it is like a
never ending story with all the troops to take of - which is genuine positive! :slight_smile:
Also I want of course want to thank the Devs which is doing a great job, with
always releasing new troops, reworking troops, a little and bigger patch here and there,
new kingdoms - keeps the game at life at its finest! :slight_smile:

Back to the subject. It would be cool if every player can make a top 10 list of which troops they feel deserve a rework in the future, that way we can see what specific troops the majority of the boards wants to have reworked. It also might come in handy for the Devs. Also everyone is free to add what kind of rework they would have liked to see to any of the troops they have in top 10.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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  1. Dwarven Miner
  2. Goblin King
  3. Gar’nok
  4. Shadow Dragon
  5. Elwyn
  6. Atlanta
  7. Lady Saphira (remember when she was the best troop in the game, lol)
  8. Gloom Leaf
  9. Dimetraxia
  10. Venbarak
  11. Dokkalfar
  12. Dwarven Slayer
  13. Night Terror
  14. Owlbear
  15. Orion
  16. Runesmith
  17. Sacrifice
  18. Salamander
  19. Tauros
  20. Winged Bison

Yeah she was awesome… them’s were the days…

To the OP: @eika 20 is a lot to list, I don’t have that much of an attention span…

Feel free to make a Top 10 list. :slight_smile: Actually I agree, 20 seems a bit too much, I edited the post to Top 10 now. What was Lady Saphiras skill before, would it be OP in the currently meta as well?

Goblin King
Autumn Imp
Imp of Love
Spooky Imp
Spring Imp
Summer Imp
Winter Imp

The main changes few changes to troops that I would want are:
1: Make Gloom Leaf 100% return damage so it can actually counter skull spam.
2: Change Dwarven Miner’s destroy 1 gem to anything else. Anything a 1 gem destroy can do a swipe can do.
3: Make Shadow Dragon’s legendary ability do true damage.
4: Make Gar’nok and Goblin King not useless. In particular, make Gar’nok’s 1 damage to all allies true damage.
5: Make kingdom epics great again.
6: Change 1st come no change event troops that haven’t really been touched since they were released in their event. (Dokkalfar, Venbarak, Runesmith, Salamander, etc.)
7: Make Silent One do 3x damage to silenced enemies.
8: Buff Sacrifice and nerf Humility, Justice, and Courage.
9: Fix every troop that still has a small stat reduction that has been left over from when this game started at around 5-20 stats. (Owlbear, Gloom Leaf, Lady Sapphira, etc.)
10: Fix all the lack of balance with hero weapons.


What if Virtues of Courage Trait was changed to; All allies gain 6 Attack and 6 Life when an enemy troop dies?

Good point, would be fun to see them get a little love in the future. :slight_smile:

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It would have to be 3 and 3 if it was to be aligned with the scaling of Justice’s trait. Justice also needs to be reduced to a 2x ratio since it gains 2 stats, essentially making it a 8x boost ratio right now.

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Same as it is now… she hasn’t improved, since ever

  1. Moloch: Make him more than half a Khorvash for the same mana cost. Please. He needs a rework. Something. Anything.
  2. Dwarven Miner. See Tacet’s list for reasoning.
  3. All six guardians. Buff Sacrifice, make it so none of them can target skulls. Reduce scaling on Justice, do something to Humility, and probably change how Courage’s third trait is calculated. One buff per turn where skulls are matched would be enough to bring him down to a reasonable level
  4. Bone Dragon. Reduce scaling, increase base skulls. Simple 'nuff
  5. Goblin/Orc lords. They don’t feel Lord-y enough. And Goblin King has ZERO synergy with his underlings
  6. Dokkalfar. Scale split damage on magic… Just let him summon whatever rank giant spider you have. Also DAEMONIC PACT? Really? I don’t really think it fits as a third trait on an Epic. Compare to Mercy’s Empowered.
  7. Queen Mab. Insulated -> Mana Shield. Or even Arcane -> Mana Shield. She’s less of a DPS these days and seems to play more of a supporting role. Plus I think it would make more sense for her to be immune to both of the things that she does to other troops. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I’d like to see this happen
  8. Lady Sapphira. The second part of her ability feels useless now.
  9. Venoxia. I WANT MY CASTER BACK! Two true damage is NEGLIGIBLE past the very early game. Fix the attack gain to a set amount, give her true damage magic scaling. Probably not 1:1. 2:1 with some tuning to base magic would be ideal to get her to sit exactly wherever you might want, balance-wise
  10. Gloom Leaf/Hydra. Gloomy’s third trait to 100%. Maybe a bit more base HP. Maybe. Hydra? Either reword the trait or make it work like it sounds like it does. Either make it say “All enemies take 3 damage when I TAKE skull damage” or have it apply whenever they deal skull damage like the trait asks. Make GL/Hydra/Hydra/Hydra the team it was MEANT to be!

Now for some bonuses.

Bonus 1: MAKE ROCK WORM GREAT AGAIN! Change Cunning to Insulated.
Bonus 2: Fortress Gate: Reinforced -> Armored. 'Nuff said.
Bonus 3: Aziris. No really what the hell? Creating ONE SKULL can be nice but… No. Please consider reworking him

  1. Dokkalfar

  2. Goblin

  3. Goblin shaman

  4. hobgoblin

  5. wayfinder

  6. Goblin king

  7. black beast

  8. dark song

  9. boar rider

  10. tyri

  11. spider swarm

  12. spark grinder

  13. valor

  14. ghiralee

  15. keghammer

  16. bunny of doom

  17. wraith (make it do both!)

  18. Desdemona

  19. amira

  20. scale guard

Goblins are in an excellent place right now, I only vs them 2-3 times a week …

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Aziris, Atlanta, Bombardier(is now a shitty version of lava e), Chimaera(needs more status effect, maybe add venom),Korvash(nerf) Bonedragon (NERF),spirit fox(nerf, is a buff moloch atm), Queen mab (nerf, way too powerfull and anti gameplay), Tauros(Too passive), winged bison(Does practically nothing) sidenote: 100% w tacet, great ideas there.

  1. Gar’nok
  • Hero Necromancer Class (sorry but i wish he was rebalanced/buffed before i would even care about anything else below, so forgive me that its not exactly a troop, but a unit…)
  • Sacrifice (compared to other guardians it is underpowered and not as useful)
  • Kruarg the Dread (his trait has potential to bring so much fun but the design totally wasted it, its a shame! rework it so that it has potential to be fun please)
  • Gloom Leaf (better damage reflection at least)
  • The Dragon Soul (its 3rd trait needs to be settled already, right?)
  • Moloch (needs a buff or a rework of some sort)
  • Hero Weapons (especially give some viable way besides the orb for hero to actually be a support role? it has enough of attacking weapons but can do nothing like anariel, valkyrie, naga queen, mercy, even apothecary or poison master - not even half of the single spell, hero support weapon choice is limited…)
  • Venoxia (somewhat agree to @Kurokazna 's idea - she needs to deal a little more damage, but i dont wanna loose the mana creation she does)
  • Manticore (its not like i want it totally changed but if it cannot be openly nerfed then rework sounds fine as well - please dont start discussion about why - everything about manti for and against nerf has been said before by now, im just listing my top10 preference)

ps. @Tacet i actually use Venbarak in my main pvp team and rebalancing that troop could make me unhappy…
@Kurokazna - i am using aziris in my main explore team xD

I’ve never seen anyone using either of those troops. I think both actually need to be made stronger. I think if Aziris’s spell worked more like how Green Slime works, by creating gems, then converting a selected color to the type created (skulls, in this case.), he would be a lot more viable. As for Venbarak, I’m not sure what could be done. But it’s still kind of weak.

Mind if I ask what teams you’re using these in? I’m genuinely curious

That’s basically Sheggra, though.

Right. Sheggra exists. Pardon, I haven’t had my coffee yet.


The only troop I really want to see reworked that hasn’t been mentioned already is War. The other horsemen have a support trait that can make them really irritating and an ability that can cripple teams, but War is just really underwhelming. If you put him in front, he soaks up too many colors and dies easily, if you don’t, he just has a big damage, expensive ability, which really isn’t that useful.


pvp invade:

+abysmal banner

it turns out +4 putple +1 red bonus
i spam ds with occasional banshee/sylva if need be
venbarak is there to make blue useful and give me one more purple link, his aoe i also find more useful then what ppl usualy take - shadow dragon, that team works really well for me and each deals 17aoe dmg except of banshee-sniper, but mind that i fight with my team around 6,7k team score as a standard so im also facing a little weaker opponents then you do

explore: (hard mode)

ds banshee aziris aziris +2 purple
the purple links again + necromancy
i nearly never need to actually cast aziris but i still get a result of +4 purple bonus and 2x necromancy at what i find a decent speed. in that matter please do not nerf aziris (if he lost the link or necro id be hurt :frowning: )
my preference for explore is to get some souls but mainly to get fast traitstones so i try to balance between the two. i hate the explore builds with warlock sac priest and so on they make it much slower traitstone-wise