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What is the most OP Rowanne deck?

As the title asks. Thinking of building one.


Personnaly, I rolled with
Yellow / Green banner
Green Seer
Hero - Yasmin’s Chalice (Priest or Ranger)

It feels kinda risky at first to have Alchemist as front line, but Yasmin’s Chalice will protect him.
You can replace Green Seer with Valkyrie, it will be less efficient but will generate souls.

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Thank you! About the traits, which traits do you recommend the most? :slight_smile:

Just Fire Link on Alchemist will do. All the others are not that usefull, but they sure won’t hurt… Hurt you that is, I can’t say the same of your ennemies :wink:

What is the best hero class to use on Yasmins Chalice, out of (Priest or Ranger)?

Both have the +2 magic perk, so it’s all about wich traits you prefer :wink:

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I think one of the nastiest defenses I’ve seen is: Treant + Green Seer + Dryad + Rowanne


I’m surprised none of you are mentioning the most OP Rowanne deck:

Golden Cog

One cast from each can be a team wipe.

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Well, you need on average 2 turns to feed Alchemist, 2 turns to spell caste priestess and gomden cog, plus the time to feed Rowanne.
That’s a total of 5-6 ennemy turns.

My deck comboes extra turns and produce mana for all from one.
I only need to feed Alchemist once to do 2 chalice cast and load Rowanne.
With the board control of only 2 mana color changers, I can’t pretend to refill Alchemist over the course of one combo everytime, but I will most certainly make a brown or red match, so I’ll only need one more to have him ready to cast.
In 2 combos, I’ll cast 2 chalice then Rowanne twice.
That’s one cast at ~60 armor and another at ~ 100 armor. Wipe out guaranted without letting more than 4-5 turns to the ennemy all while protecting all troops, not only Rowanne :wink:


I’ve been running Rowanne decks as my primary for more than a year. I have a few favorites. The big takeaway is that armor pump + Rowanne + someone to tank in the top slot is AMAZING.


  • Warlord Hero with Burning Scythe

  • Rowanne

  • Paladin

  • Templar

Running with Broken Spire Banner (+Blue/Brown) - getting 2 brown matches to fill Templar is #1 priority, along with keeping reds on the board. Templar should fill Rowanne and usually Paladin, while buffing their armor. Key to this team is to be very strategic with when you cast your two devastating damage spells. Half the time I don’t even use the burning scythe - hero is just there to tank. But if board has too many purples on it, it’s nice to scythe down the opponents. Whitehelm armor bonus is nice, too.

At lower levels, I used purple scepter weapons (spread damage across all enemies) on my hero.


  • Gorgotha

  • Valkyrie

  • Rowanne

  • Alastair

A different take on the same concept - Use Valkyrie to make blue, to fill Rowanne & Alastair. (Alastair’s recent color change is a bit of a bummer.) Alastair’s recent buffs give a LOT of armor, and removing purples can give cascades pretty frequently. Again the top troop (Gorgotha) is mostly there to tank, though if you have a lot of brown he can become your main mana battery. This is a control deck - Rowanne does all the killing in-between control beats. This can also double as a soul-farming team.


How do you go about getting Yasmins Chalice?

I think it was an event weapon, wich means you can now only get it in one of those real-cash-costing-bundles. But it’s not as powerful as it was when we had this thread running, so @Tacet 's deck should now be better.

You might ask about getting Golden Cog then. You need 40 masteries in air and fire to get that one.

Go fully traited priest.[quote=“philgonzal, post:11, topic:4843, full:true”]
How do you go about getting Yasmins Chalice?

40green and 40 yellow mastery,

My bad then, I thought it was an event weapon :x

Hero with Prismatic Orb
Blue/Brown banner

Even when Rowanne gets hit, you can replenish her armor. And you don’t need lots of high level troops for this (except for the Orb)

Another nice team is


It was once, some event weapons are unlockable such as sun and moon.

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Oh, ok, nice to know, since I was there since the dawn of events (almost), I never missed one and didn’t know !

My favorite is:
Prismatic orb, archer class***

Fast on the orb is awesome.


Ok great - thanks for letting me know how to get the Chalice.

Yasmine’s Chalice and Sun and Moon are both event weapons. I have neither, despite having in the 90s in every Mastery, and they show up on the weapon window as event weapons under “show all”.