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What is the drop rate for Mythics?

I’ve been playing for over a year and I have yet to get a Mythic drop… I know they’re supposed to be rare, sure, but still? I’m VIP 5 too, no drops there either.


Generally, it is around 1:5000 glory keys, 1:500 gem keys, and 1:100 VIP keys.

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Hey Tacet, thanks for the reply! I should be way way over that for sure. Just my luck…

LOW! :wink:

If I recall, which I often don’t do correctly, the drop rate for Mythics in GEM Chests is 1%.

Which makes their drop rate in GLORY chests 0.1%.

And VIP chests have around a 4% drop rate… I think…

I hope this is helpful or somebody with the real numbers will show up and slap my mouth and tell me stop this foolishness and go back to writing parodies, where I belong! :wink:

You seem to be at the wrong end of the bell curve… :slightly_frowning_face:

If it’s any comfort, probability says that the most likely scenario for you, from now on, is the distribution mentioned by Tacet… which will be an improvement compared to the bad luck you been having

As someone who’s spent all their resources from a top guild, AND over 22,000 gems on vip chests chasing infernus, euryali and yasmine’s chosen and only getting infernus and yasmine, I think I can safely say that my rng luck absolutely fecking stinks!!! I am now completely out of all resources.

A guildmate has played for half a year and gotten 3 ponies :joy:

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I’m pretty sure it’s 1% for VIP, 0.1% for gem, and 0.01% for glory chests. 1 in 100, 1 in 1000, 1 in 10,000.


There’s also an implicated value on acct creation that could potentially make some luckier than others. My wife seems to pull one a week while I might get one every couple months and we have virtually the same resources to make pulls.

Never found one in gem keys. Ever. I’ve opened over 5 000 gem keys since Mythics came out.
Found a total of 4 Mythics in glory keys though. Roughly 15 000 of them.

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RNG is funny. VIP keys give you the best odds. Yet, they have been the unluckiest chest for me. I’ve wasted an ungodly amount on gems chasing mythics in VIP chests in the past. The vast majority of my mythics came from guild keys, gem keys and glory keys.


Same here but guild seals used to be best.


Almost spent all my 40k guild seals to try get an Eyurali. Then log into global chat, someone got it from 50 glory keys. CLASSIC!

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Do we know anything about this doomclaw at all?

Check the spoiler thread. Full info was just posted there.

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So funny, I have received several Mythics from my first 50 VIP chest pull. Been VERY fortunate… and probably just ruined it by posting this…
Curse you pretty kitty!! :rage:


The thing nothing can be said in particular on how easy/hard mythics can be obtained from said chests… By having seen my GF obtain a Draakulis and Gard’s Avatar within TEN GLORY chests (Yes 2 in 10) and 2 Pharos Ra’s in 10 VIP chests (When PR was in them himself) I can speak for myself having just spent 1,150 gems on VIP chests (20 Chests) And first obtaining Gard’s Avatar in the first 10 and then opening the other 10 and obtaining Queen Aurora… aswell as obtaining Famine in the random opening’s of 208? Odd glory keys and pulling 1 on console within a chancing VIP chest… chances are chances but atm I’m averaging 1 every few months or so? I cannot freely state the chances are like other’s can but it is just wether RNG favours you or despises you.

The more widely accepted estimated drop rate would be 1/10000 glory keys, 1/1000 gem keys, and 1/100 VIP keys. We know from information previously provided directly from the devs that gem keys are 10x as likely to drop mythics as glory keys, and VIP keys are 100x, so regardless of the actual drop rates these ratios don’t fit (it would be 1/5k, 1/500, 1/50 if so).


That is extremely unlucky. I’ve been playing for approx 6 months and have 19 Mythics. 16 found in various chests, 2 from legendary tasks, 1 from P2G. I’m VIP 6.

Path to Glory II is 100% chance :wink: I’ve just bought my 5th package and so far I’ve gotten 3 unique and 1 duplicate from the 4 (plus all the other stones and goodies it’s a great deal if you have the money and don’t like farming trait-stones every waking moment)
Best of luck