What is the definition of "end game"?

I’ve been wondering about the definition of “end game” for the last couple days, and seeing someone else ask the same question today, I thought I would start a thread.

Some possible factors/hurdles:

  • every kingdom to level 10 and 5 stars;
  • hitting level 1000;
  • hitting the soul wall (every troop you own is levelled to max level);
  • owning every troop in the game aside from base-mythics;
  • having every troop you own fully-traited (this is a very exclusive club).

For me, it was when I finally hit the soul wall that I felt like I was truly end-game. What do others think? Any factors that I missed?


What we end gamers aspire to most is to get all cards to mythic. You’ll see me on the list, near the top (None Of The Above).

For reference, the current winner @yonizaf has only 2 cards in the game that aren’t mythic.

Here’s my stats. Hows this for end game:

  • every kingdom to level 10 and MAX stars (5-8 stars depending on how many cards per kingdom)
  • level 1205
  • everything max level with 2.7 million souls extra
  • have every card with only 12 that not mythic
  • have every card fully traited and enough extra stones to instant trait a mythic with any combination of stones. (36-148 extra of every arcane)
  • 43K keys, 27K seals, 66K glory, 30K gems waiting for something to buy

None Of The Above

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So is that what i need to be an end-gamer?


Its subjective tho.


Set goals for yourself, then make it happen. Complete the goal, make a new one.

End game isn’t a destination. It’s a journey. It’s the pursuit. It’s strategizing how to do it all most efficiently. This is my first year playing.

End game is getting every card to mythic and everything max out.


I know about a few endgame players L1000s that had no clue about PL kingdoms.


So then nobody is an end-gamer…

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They shaked my hands and thanked me like I saved their lives when I told them about it.

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Endgame player is in my opinion someone who is at least level 1000 and has most of the good troops, and has all or most of the kingdoms to at least PL5 or more.


@PGSundling i dont think you understood the question

What’s the purpose in defining “end game?” I get the desire to clarify, but people will use the term loosely despite any consensus we could all reach here, if any.


In high end guilds like TUF:Unrepentant we actually have weekly strategy guides and advice to help people reach end game.

BTW we do have an opening.

Wow… This question was a mistake and i am sorry i posed it on another thread…

I had a legitimate question and it is used as a boasting pulpit when @Stan creates a topic to find out

Sorry stan and thanks for trying but i am muting this thread…

Idle curiosity about what others think was my only purpose in having this discussion.

I’d say it’s all of the above, or most of it anyway. Basically it’s the part when you don’t have to worry anymore about the RPG elements of the game (leveling and improving your troops), and the only things you have left to care for are the weekly activities.

That’s how I understend the literal meaning of “endgame” - you finished the main story and your skill tree, now you are in a “free-roam” mode, just explore around the map to your leisure.

Note that it’s not really necessary to have absolutely everything, the idea is that you don’t feel limited anymore. Even if I don’t have quite enough stones to trait every single troop, as long as I have enough to trait any troop that I want to use without feeling worried about my reserve, that’s enough to feel like endgame.

(Also couldn’t care less about hero level. It’s just a pointless number to me)


It’s still a legitimate question.

For the record, I feel like what @PGSundling is more like “the end of the game”, while what I was thinking was more like “the beginning of the end-game”.

Since I started carefully tracking certain things, I’ve gone through a few phases. First I was tracking progress toward investing enough gold to level all my kingdoms to 10, then I was working toward maximizing my power-levels with the resources I had available, then I tracked how many souls I needed until I couldn’t use any more and now I’m focused on traiting troops (with my primary hurdle being arcanes). The feeling of excitement I used to get when I would open chests, not knowing what new thing I might get was long gone, but I didn’t feel like I was approaching the end until I went through the soul wall.

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I was going to reply to @Vangor and then asked myself why am I wasting time instead of getting writing done.

For @Stan, the point is once you start pursing end game type goals that’s end game, like start planing when to spend your keys, or make a schedule of what cities you’re going to get to level 3/5/7 next.

Later guys. No more forums for me today. My novel isn’t going to write itself, but my vacation ends either way.


So I edited it a little, very proud of my definition! :blush::relaxed:

Endgame player is in my opinion someone who is at least Hero level 1000, has most of the good troops, and has all or most of the kingdoms to at least PL5 or more.


This is a good point. For console players, a big threshold to cross is when you can take almost any daily task, make a team and go into PVP with a reasonable chance of success. For example, win X battles with 3 unique troops of a particular race or kingdom. This is a luxury that early-game players simply don’t have. Even combining several tasks on a single team (when possible), I’m not constrained by needing souls or traits to have a team that can at least handle a 1-trophy matchup.

I’m not level 1000, but I have every troop, and at least 350 are mythic. I feel end-game starts around 700 or 800, when you are in a good guild, have enough things traited to make most meta teams, and face nothing but mana drainers and grief teams because everyone’s styats are too high to win normally. That’s where the game stagnates, so I’d say that’s endgame.