What is the biggest pvp score on pc?

Anyone know what is the record?


Omg ty well we got a new champion on xbox 1

Tara from the unforgiven Ii actually got 201 000 trophy with 8h to go before reset




Xbox rocks!

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damn, how many hours is that in front of the telly?

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That’s gotta be people sharing one account surely? That’s just an insane amount of time spent on the game.


It was one person aiming for a target.

But how do you do that all week? How do you function. Sleep, work etc? It’s a just crazy. For a few stones and numbers.

My calculations says, that to be able to reach 200k PvP points a week one have to do the 3 trophies fights only(4231 invades * 48pts = around 200k points).

In this example Tara has played 700 invades a day(included the invade losses) with an average of the score itself at 201k points tells us that she has only done the 3 trophies battles.

If the average is at 2 min per match:
700 invades a day * 2 minutes / 60 = 23 hours 20 minutes of constant playing required each day.

If the average is 1,5 min per match, 17 hours 30 minutes will be required each day.


Either way thats crazy. No sleep and living on the game. Hope those meager rewards are worth it.

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Do anyone knows what the max PvP points for a week was on PS4?

No, sorry. I rarely look. Only occasionally to seek if anyone is without a guild.

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She functions at a higher rate than that, 2k+ PvP points an hour.

So the new record is on xbox one and the score to beat is 212,155 congratulation!!!


Why are you posting a pick from a cellphone camera of the TV with Gemologist as the active profile? Isn’t she married? :wink:

I think Gemologist is Ricky’s alt account that his unconscious brain plays while he thinks he is sleeping. Kind of a Tyler Durden thing.

But seriously, that is an amazing total. I’ve done some 48 hour gaming marathons, but nothing like what that would require over a full week. Tell Tara to get some rest!

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Lol it’s a bug, gemologist is tara she asked to fix it but some place still showing her name :slight_smile:

Looks like you broke into their home :joy:

That is good sportsmanship Ricky, fair play.

On those numbers that just has to be multiple persons playing in shifts…

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Well when someone do something awesome they deserve the recognition, it will probably take a while before someone beat it