What is the best poisonous-effective team?

Just wondering, if there is any great ones. Maybe gonna try one if it is.

Thanks for any help!

Honestly, there aren’t really any. Save your trouble. The only way to really capitalize on poison is true damage, which isn’t conditional on poison anyway so you don’t actually need it. Furthermore, most of those troops are legendaries, and there are better options right now if you’re talking legendaries. The other thing is, there is a bit of a trend towards massive life pools currently, which makes poison and true damage less useful.

Either that or stall teams. Tons of heals while the poison goes to work. But then you need Venoxia or Crimson Bat or something to finish them anyway. Also, stall is boring…

If you are going to poison stuff, you probably want a Wolf Knight in your team, since he deals true damage and deals extra damage to enemies that are already wounded.


I just tried a few games using:
Venoxia / Scale Guard / Wolf Knight / Poison Master

Doesn’t work very well sadly, as Poison Master doesn’t fill up fast enough to poison enemies for Scale Guard and Wolf Knight to benefit from the poison.

Dark maiden is the fastest poisoner at cost 6. Try her

Have to agree with @Shimrra - poison is not very effective these days, as life totals are so high…

Shame really… true damage + poison saw me through the mid game (level 50 to 150 say) very nicely… Shadow Dragon + Crimson Bat made the team… those were the days…

She only poison one tho.

Thanks for all replies. Why doesnt it work anymore?

With fully maxed kingdoms and team bonuses troops have 2-3 times more life than before while poison damage remains the same. So depending on your opponent it is 2-3 times less effective.

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Im running the 1.0.6 on my ps4. so dont know anything about what u talking about lol

I’d imagine the Winter Imp would pair well, using blue mana to do distributed True Damage

You lost me. Why would anybody use that.

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This isn’t Puzzle Quest 2.
Poison is bad here…
You could, however, look into Burn effect, which is an immensely better version of Poison.
Burn: 3 Damage per turn (100% chance) until dispelled or wears off. Only difference is that Burn deals damage to Armor first if any before cutting into Life, and Poison deals true damage instead.

Try working with this baddie here.

Webspinner + Salamander would be an effective combo, especially since the extra Green mana from Webspinner will goes into feeding Salamander as well.

Posion + Burn is probably the best DOT setup in this game you can hope for, until some more creatures with Burn show up.

The real question is why would anyone use poison? Pretty useless thing.

I think Poison is at least useful in the Arena against high life troops like Heroes, Blast Cannons etc.

But I agree outside of the arena Poison is pretty useless.

Poison actually never WAS overly useful. It was OKAY at best pre-1.0.7. A nice added bonus to have but never anything to build a team around. That is for the very simple reason that poison does not synergize AT ALL with anything in this game and it does not even stack like it does in PQ. The only thing that comes close to synergy would be true damage. Pre-1.0.7 it was viable enough on its own but post-1.0.7 it kind of lost its appeal as it has been stated on numerous occasions.

For being commons, Serpent and Scale Guard match each other pretty well. Not only does Serpent poison the first two enemies, he also creates red gems to feed Scale Guard.

A while back I used to run Venoxia, Serpent, Scale Guard, and Wolf Knight. Nowadays, I would probably trade Wolf Knight for Keghammer to get a Stormheim bonus on top of the Mist of Scales bonus.

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Thank you all for the replies. I was wondering because I got a Shadow Dragon the other day, and was unsure about if it was worth training him up. I am upset that he is based on poison since its bad. Wish I got another one…

Shadow Dragon is not a bad troop. You should consider the poison an added bonus, not the main feature of its skill. Especially with a yellow gem creator it can be a rather potent troop. Plus it has a nice body (one of the highest HP pools of all troops and a nice base attack) by itself.

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Thanks for the answer. I only focusing to give souls to the great ones tho, if he is just “not bad”, that wont help. :smiley: