What is currently your favorite build?

Hey everyone, I’m new. :smiley: I wanted to share my favorite deck at the moment, and hear what others have made! Do note that I am a low level player, around level 54, so I don’t have many amazing cards.
This deck started out as a Treasure Map team, but it worked so well in general that I promoted it to my main team! It’s worked extremely well so far, I’m on a win streak of 92 games.
I couldn’t think of a clever name, so it’s called the Queen’s Regime for now.

Spider Knight - 7P - 10 damage + web
Lady Anariel - 12B/P - 8 green gems, 8 blue gems, 8 life to team
Reaver - 8G - 12 damage to first two, +8 damage to webbed foes
Tyri - 8P/G - Collect 10 gems, gold, Treasure Map

I have +1 magic from Zhul’Kari, and I use the Frozen Banner. All are level 15 except Tyri, who’s 10.
Elf Bond Trait x3 - +6 life
Elf General - +4 life, +1 magic
Duke of Spiders - +1 attack, +1 magic
Reaver’s Nature Spirit Trait - +2 magic to him

I’m looking to replace Tyri, but so far, it seems that none within the kingdom can match her utility? She helps keep mana flowing through the team… Most commonly, I use her to cast Reaver twice. But Dark Maiden (4/6 to ascend) and Spider Queen (1/11 to ascend) are options… I don’t have Tal’Rae, but she’d be nice too.

So there is my team! I need 1 more copy of Reaver to ascend him, but the game reaaaaally doesn’t want that to happen. Same with Spider Knight.
100 gold keys… not one Reaver or Spider Knight.

I’m thinking of a Sword’s Edge Hero build next. What decks are you thinking about? :slight_smile:

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jarl firemantle**
goblin rocket*** (might replace him with marilith tbh but that might kill my yellow gains from firemantle)
mist stalker***

(Jago miswig)

edit: Actually since i wanted marilith in so badly ive remade that team as ‘gorgon, marilith, wight, mist stalker’ now ^^ (Gorma miswig) im convinced itll be much better, just a shame i dont have a good op troop but maybe theres a legendary that could take gorgons place one day even though i like that troop and am sure it can be a powerhouse when mythic but i dont have a single troop mythic yet tbh so that will take a long time. :upside_down:

edit: swapped gorgon with lava elemental, that thing is AWESOME… hoping to get moloch soon cause marilith is very unsafe despite her decent strenghts. Now i do understand moloch would be good with jarl together but screw that cause lava elemental is way too badass not to keep using… also he has much higher single target dmg compared to jarl anyway… just not the same trait utility… but i dont use drawn out battles on this team anyway, this is a very quick assassination team so jarl would put too much risk on that.

Used to use:


(coral temrow)
Currently using this one to rank tiers every week, have good rates and can climb in one evening. Solid team really.

currently building

Herald of chaos*

(He Besy Te)

that team has 0 synergy bonus but has 2x 2atk on invades and all troops hit the whole enemy team save for herald but hes a good debuffer and since he focusses on blues behemoth gets fed by him. But admitted its moreof a tanky aoe team and doesnt have the quick fills other teams have so you need a little startup luck.

p.s. Yes i name all my teams after the units in it (coral temrow = coronetalastair templarrowanne etc) so i dont have to click tabs to know which is which. :wink:

I use a goblin team:

  • goblin
  • hobgoblin
  • goblin shaman
  • boar rider

All are ascended at least once, max level and most traits on. Green banner for extra 2 mana. I just can’t stop using them, they give themselves bonuses and all have extra turns, so sometimes the game just flows :slight_smile: I can’t wait to find arcane stealth stone to buy last trait for my goblin :slight_smile: Additional +1 green mana will make the goblin ready to cast his attack after matching any 3 green mana. Awesome.

I made also another team for quick battles:

  • rockworm
  • deep borer
  • rockworm
  • empirina

If there’s enough brown mana to catch on, the enemy has no chances. I gave this team +2 blue mana banner, so it is easier to get deep borer ready.

I know that these teams are probably lame/boring/obvious for older players, but being at 77 level, only 3 kingdoms maxed (all magic) and not having that much resources I can’t come up with anything better at the moment :slight_smile:


An easy to build, highly effective team:



I like the tree team.
Treant mythic ***
Green seer legendary ***
Dryad legendary ***
Rowanne legendary ***

Also today I’ve been using…

Giant spider legendary *
Hero (sorcerer) creeping death ***
Green seer as above
Soothsayer epic lvl 14 *

This has given most success against the mythic troops like mab, EK, death etc.

And finally my go to for board control and ‘match 5 gems or more 100 times’ tasks.

All legendary and all fully traited

Have fun!

beast team here,


GG team…

Thanks for sharing builds, everyone. :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking about messing with a Marilith + Dryad team, but it doesn’t seem to… flow right. In general, it just doesn’t feel right.
I threw in a Herdmaster and Soothsayer. This doesn’t have an amazing flow either, but it was still fun to get Herdmaster blowing up the whole board, often filling everyone else up.

Soothsayer has got to be my favorite card… I should think of a fun team with him.:thinking:

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Soothsayer could work nicely with some hero aoe scythe, there is couple of those purple scythes, or basically any aoe (that is non-cumulative) damage
(if not a legendary like crimson bat, queen mab, sylvanimora, or 40mana mastery weapons like dark manacles)

giant spider

+2purple or abyssal banner

hero*** (sorcerer, sun and moon)
giant spider***

Sometimes it is the under rated that can kill the meta.

Flesh Golem
Any (Skeleros for team bonus)

This team is so fun! Everything is exploding, it’s great.
The mana flows nicely thanks to Sunweaver and all the explosions. They’re all lvl 7 for testing, but they’re doing more than well enough already. :smiley:
I just have a +2 yellow banner, but really, I should switch to a +2 red or +2 purple…

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Burning bones
Jarl firemantle***
Giant spider***
Keeper of souls***
Mono red banner
This team was kinda bad due to double necromancy being pointless at certain points in time.
Now that valk lost necro this team is much better!

Just so that everyone knows; the devoted can summon skulls.

Was making a team with her aswell but dont have a good 1st place tank yet for this all yellow team so was using herdmaster instead.

Sorry if this counts as a necro, but I got Gorgotha the other day. MORE EXPLOSIONS.

Proud Banner (+2 Red Mana)
Gorgotha (L)
Flesh Golem (E)
Marilith (E)
Hero - Serve and Protect (L)

There are no Team Bonuses with this one, which bothers me slightly… But it’s the most annoying, fastest, and humorous team I have right now. I mean, who doesn’t laugh when enemy abilities do zero damage?

…Poor Paladin. :joy:

Not a necro, good to see flesh golem see play. Wont serve and protect jump line?

Yes, I have him back there so Gorgotha tanks while the Hero builds up. When Gorgotha is injured, a fresh tank will save him and take his place. The barrier makes me worry less about squishy Marilith being in the back.

I’m using this team to master kingdom challenges… for the souls. It’s pretty hard since they are all level 7 or 10 while they’re fighting level 18s, but they’re doing fine.
(Note: I don’t have S&P yet, but I’m very close. 25 more fights or so.)
(Edit: Got it.)

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Can anyone remember where the hero weapon ‘black manacles’ comes from? I have it but my gf doesn’t and I can’t remember! Cheers

According to this http://gems-of-war.wikia.com/wiki/Weapons
it unlocks at magic earth mastery 40.

I don’t if this info is up to date, though.

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Cheers mate. Earth /magic both at 40
On another note, did you watch my video on Facebook.
Beat the emporer korvash, gorgotha, Queen mab, crimson bat whilst barely getting hit.

Black Manacles require 40 in both Purple and Brown Masteries.

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Weapons - Gems of War Database is up to date :slight_smile:

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