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What is a Stryx?

Hey, I am doing some translation work for GoW.

I wonder what’s a Stryx.

Is it a Owl-like creature?
Or something related to hell, devils or underworld? (From Italian?)



I changed your category from fantasy series because it’s a whole different type of topic. This way you’ll get the answer faster :slight_smile:
EDIT: and you did xD

That should be it. Thank you.

Spoiler Alert Ahead, You Have Been Warned :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a Stryx… however you will have to wait a while before they come to roost in Krystara.


He has 3 claws on each hand, 3 ribbons hanging from the front of his pants, and 3 belts! That’s three 3’s!

Half-Life 3 confirmed!


His head placement seems anatomically incorrect. Like it’s attached to his chest. I think there’s a Gems artist that isn’t good with necks.

On this case i think he/she has a long flexible neck that allows lowering the head this much to look at the potential preys below. But i agree that some necks on some troops kinda “disturbs” me…


oooo pretty! - yummy?

Next kingdom? :slight_smile:

Gasp! Is the next kingdom an Air-themed kingdom?!

I noticed few months ago that the background of the Celestial Armor didn’t fit any existing kingdom background.
It is still true ;-).

Stryx are not in the next kingdom.

Pretty - Goes right along with my Archon and my Paladin!

Next next kingdom? :slight_smile:

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Bird Kingdom…Has to be high in the sky :slight_smile:

Maybe next mythic or next set of mythics.

So it seems they are a few of them.
Maybe Horus is one of them…

That’s why I said maybe a new set of mythics :slight_smile:

There should be more than one, since Stryx is a troop type. There are already matching traits in the game files (Stryx Bond, Stryx Slayer).

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