What in the the crap?

Level 500+ still cant win pvp fight. Every tim i fight i loose. Game cheats to much

Level doesn’t matter. JUST the troops.
A level 2000 with common troops wouldn’t scratch a fly.

You gotta find a team that works well together, if you want to win stuff.
I got a 8.5k power purple-orange-mythical team, but I can beat pretty much everything above 10k full mythical teams.

Bull crap! Game cheats

What team do you use? What’s the best troops you have? (In rarity&level)

There’s counterteams for every possible opponent, and there’s no unbeatable defenses.


It dont madder. Game is cheats

Hello @Roger :slight_smile: Please mind your language as per the guidelines.

We have recently been having the discussion about the game cheating. You can see a post from our creator here:

We’ve also done some tests on it which you can find here.

If you would like to share the team you are using/versing I’m sure we can help.

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I didnt cuss

I said crap. Crap is not cussing. Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap

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Ha! Yesterday i and someone else used the word “shit” and not a word from anyone about language. Today “crap” draws your scorn? And you called me a jerk for asking for consistancy. I nearly pissed myself laughing.


With a small team, we do our best to moderate the forums but it’s possible to miss some things. Just a friendly reminder to keep this thread on-topic, I believe @Roger is discussing PVP at level 500+.


Lol ok sweetie

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Fixed. Sorry, I just HAD to. :smirk:

I’ve seen it go both ways. Some times the advantage goes to the computer player, sometimes it goes my way. I’ve had games where the computer player didn’t get a turn at all. I have noticed that once the computer looses 2 or 3 troops that it just gives up and makes poor moves and gets less than average gems. Personally I think this is a bonus because I would rather get on to a new game.

Cheating mechanisms are too complex to program them. A simple random number generator (pseudo-random, yes) works well. It is random enough to make some people believe the game is cheating :grin:


Does OP care to visit gowdb.com and present us with a troop list? Maybe there are hidden gems they own but never paid much attention to.

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