What happened to Stellarix?

I used to see Stellarix on almost every defense team. I haven’t seen anyone using it lately. I finally managed to save up enough dragonite to buy buy 6 cosmic eggs but I’m not sure now if I should spend it. Advice?

It’s still very good but people have stopped using it in Citadel PVP for the most part, because when they do it is automatically replaced with diamantina on defense. You can still see it used in some of the non-citadel defense teams.

Only in the opponents’ defense teams Stellarix and WoS are been automatically swapped for Diamantina and Prismatic Orb, respectively.

On your attack team, no chamges are been made, so you will have a fully functional Stellarix and WoS team.

Go and forge it!
Have fun with it :grin:


Well, I crafted 6 Cosmic Eggs and this is what I got:

I hate RNG. These drops should be curated. I guess I’m back to grinding more Dragonite.

Wow - 4 unique dragons from 6 eggs is good going. Fingers crossed for the next eggs🤞


It took me months to get enough Dragonite for those 6 eggs. It’ll take me months more for another ‘try’. If I’m lucky and get the two I need in the next crafting, I’ll still need to grind enough Dragonite for the two weapons and the 2x Stellarix. So, if I’m lucky I might get to use this troop half a year from now. I love this game, but the RNG is terrible. :slightly_frowning_face: I wish there was a faster way to get Dragonite.

If you grind for a bit this weekend, you will end up with about 1k Dragonite (including farming E1 for verses and gaps). If you get a Dragonite gnome near the end of a gap, just let the timer run out and then kill it for the full amount.

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Thanks for the advice. I have enough resources for 55 GAPs. Should keep me busy this weekend! :rofl:

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Just want to reinforce what you say here (and shamelessly promote my first hand research… also good knowledge for new players to know).

Back then, we were all over Cursed Gnomes, but the same applies to Dragonite Gnomes.

If you’re going to run GAPs, start a timer at the exact second you craft the GAP. Then you can keep track while sitting in a battle.

you do not want to know my dups on dragon eggs. after almost 30 eggs, i still havent craft diamantina :frowning:

People whined and devs removed stellarix and wand from defense teams

Then turned around and nuked their players with a new currency

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They were definitely going to introduce a new currency anyway – that’s actually pretty normal for these types of games.

We didn’t need another one. We needed more things that can be bought for silver and gold marks, the newest one which really isnt even that new

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took me 36 eggs total