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What feature and fix would you most like to see in 2.0?

Mass Disenchant. Period. Full Stop.

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Until they make some kind of system that requires more cards beyond mythic. If they ever add mass disenchant again, I will see it as a sign to NOT mass disenchant.

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Would need to be able to mark troops as exempt. I only want to mass disenchant troops with base rarity of Rare or UltraRare as they are very easy to collect from glory keys. Epics and Legendaries I would keep just in case, and Commons are worth little but are a PITA to get (as my gold goes to guild).

It just takes SO long to manually go through them all once a week and knock all the base green and blue down to 2, but since I can usually get upwards of 10000 souls on a pass, I can’t not do it.

Major Change: I’d like to see each kingdom either have its own layout, or its own special tile when you fight there.

For example right now we always fight in an x by x grid. By why not shape it like an hour glass or put some stops in the middle that tiles fall through? Just add some variety to the playing space.

Alternatively, have special tiles in each kingdom. So if you’re fighting in Forest of Thorns, maybe there’s a green tile with a thorn icon and it does one damage when you match it. If you’re fighting in…I don’t know, Divinion Fields, there’s a random yellow tile that will heal your troop one point (as well as give the mana, of course). Little minor bonuses that make fighting in each kingdom feel a little different.

Minor fix: I wish the screen didn’t have to reload every time I alt+tab out of it. This is even worse when playing in windowed mode.

  • A total power rating that is the sum of all kingdom power ratings, displayed similar to the total income.
  • A way to see the total power rating of guild members, possibly within the progress view.
  • A more unique bonus for getting a kingdom to 2 stars/4 stars, like unlocking event weapons associated to that kingdom.
  • Secondary spell effects tied to magic power. Currently, secondary spell effects (like deal 8 damage to the second enemy when wounded) are static, which tends to either feel weird on low level cards (too strong) or high level cards (too weak).
  • Traits that directly modify troop stats/spells (e.g. “troop now has 20% more base life”, “spell now costs 2 mana less”, “troop now also collects blue mana”, “spell now allows selecting a target instead of a hitting randomly”).
  1. I’d love to see amount of souls gained per match increased for non-valkarie teams, and valkarie soul generation nerfed a little bit back to current with the adjustment.

  2. Time stamps and increased text in chat

  3. Traitstones being able to be converted into the types your seeking from types you currently have

  4. Limiting the unlimited free turns that some teams constantly get. Maybe a hard limit of only 3-5 turns then its automatically the other opponents turn regardless of skill/trait/match 4-5 that gives another free turn. This has to be my most hated thing when playing PvP and I do not get a turn and all my guys die.

  5. Nerfing Celestria’s Barrier on match 4-5, this has caused me to run into matches that last over an hour and never ends, I have to force quit.

  6. More mini-games would be nice, maybe something you can set the prize and work towards earning it. Example arcane traitstone: Win 15 PvP matches, or finish arena with 8 wins… or whatever the new mini game is within that. Something to help us target our goals a little better, while giving us mini-goals.

Technically, they just did. By generating less gems, she gets less 4 of a kinds, which means she gets less barriers.
It’s only a small debuff, but it is there.

I don’t think it really would, your not taking many multiple “turns” on control decks, and even if that were the case, you would probably win before the negative effect would hurt much.

Btw, I love this idea in abstract but I’m struggling to figure out what they can do to make the game more social. I think most people would like time stamps in chat, but that’s a quality of life thing. How’s the Hearthstone note thing work? Any other cool ideas?

In Hearthstone, during a match, you can “emote” to your opponent in order to interact in a limited fashion. You can say things like, “Well played!” or “Greetings!” or “Oops” or “Sorry.” What I’d like to see is, after an invade or defense (successful or not), the option to send one a few preconstructed messages to the opponent. Something along the lines of:

“That was a close one! You put up a great defense!”
“Won that by a mile – try a different team!”
“I’ll get you next time…”

Just some rudimentary way to give some feedback on another player’s team. Beyond that, a freeform field would open things up to abuse, so perhaps freeform text only for people on the nonexistent in-game friends list that comes along with the rest of my crazy feature request? :slight_smile:

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Me invading people 600+ levels lower than me on a reset day:


I’ve actually never minded being attacked by people higher level than me since it usually meant bigger rewards.

Lower level people, or “the poors”, on the other hand… :unamused:

I think these ideas could work. We already have the Frozen effect which reduces extra turns.

A big issue might be that these would dramatically boost defence compared to attack.

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Major: make some kingdoms have a different team size e.g. 2 troops, 3 troops & 5 troops. This could make some troops more useful in diff combos.

Minor: summoned troops pile up (ie don’t have to have lost a troop) & player should choose where they slot in

Minor: can opt which kingdoms (max of 10) not to come up in PvP (eg if you don’t need stealth arcanes, I should be able to avoid FoT)

Should all have skills that make gold in one way or another.

Unique background perhaps?

What I’d ike to see:

  1. Some use for major traitstones. Traitstone splitting or crafting or using them as some kind of entry fee to a mini game. ANYTHING really, 'cause I am swamped with them… I have at most 20-30 of any other traitstone type, but I have at least 500 of each of the major traitstones.

  2. A fix for the Great Maw devouring bug.

  3. Mass disenchant with a number of different options (disenchant base rare, disenchant everything above 5 copies, etc.).

  4. A real incentive to set a good defense team. Right you gain more by losing when you’re invaded and then going on a revenge battle, so why should I set a real defense?

  5. Timestaps in the chat.

  6. A new minigame.

  7. I also like @Jainus’ idea of daily/weekly events to introduce more variation into the game.

  8. And I also like @Jainus’ proposed minor nerf to Goblins. I’m seeing them at about the same rate as @Jainus and it is becoming quite annoying to see the same type of defense all the time.

I had forgotten one thing everything seems to not care about that could and should be a minor fix :
Give us ou 2 decks slots for Blighted Lands and Drifting Sands god damn it !
(And in case a Kingdom is released with 2.0, another slot for that Kingdom)

Like, for instance, the Kingdom that silver wolf @Nimhain has in her avatar, since in the Steam Files…we can see a couple “winter” related troop names

Considering x-box/ps4 have personal tasks/daily quests i would like those to come to the pc version.

^ This, please, please, please. I can understand that it could be a difficult task creating/coding 22 new grids, but the idea sounds excellent and unique. :ok_hand:

What if they were not tied to specific kingdoms and you could get a random board in any match.