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What feature and fix would you most like to see in 2.0?

Hello everyone,

Thought it might be fun to discuss The Nebulous Future for a bit. In a brief reply, what one major (feature) and one minor (fix) change would you like to see made to the game, if you could have only one? For the purposes of this discussion, assume development cost is not an issue.

Major feature-wise, I’d like to have more opportunities to interact with others in the game. A revamp of the social features (Chat is lacking in many ways), including viewing other players’ profiles, comparing collections, an opportunity to leave a note a la Hearthstone’s emotes after a particularly brutal defense, etc. I’d like the opponents in-game to be more than just a random “your_name_here_2016” and a set of four troops. I want heroes to stand out, and to get to know those opponents without having to resort to forums to do so.

Minor feature-wise, I want to see summoned troops be more of a threat. Gorgotha’s second and Infernal King’s third traits, as well as KoS’s third, are lackluster. I’m fairly certain Giant Spider’s side effect (summoning the Spider Swarm) was intended to be a good thing, but it always feels like it does more harm than good.

That’s my top picks. What are yours?


Major feature. More mini-games that take maps.

Minor fix, increase tyri’s map making ability.

A new mini-game: the last one was released sooooo long ago…
Mini-game offers a new way to play/farm in this game and I really don’t understand what devs are waiting for to release a new one…
But sadly the next patch will be about PVP so I don’t think we will have this kind of features…

Else, weekly achievements or bonus when using specific/weekly troops.


I feel that Sand Shark is too close to Kerberos and Sand Shark cost less mana to use, and Kerberos only does a little more damage. I feel that Kerberos should be buffed with a 30-40% devour chance or/and a better 3rd trait, hes a Legendary troop, after all.

Also hoping to see a change for Orions skill. His minimum random damage should be raised.

Bunni’Nog is a very new troop, so cool too, but I think he should be reworked, havent ever met this Legendary. My suggestion here is that he get a 40-50% chance to devour a knight, mana cost might be raised.

Avinas skill should be reworked, she was better before I think.

Black Beast creating 6 skulls can also hit really bad against, I think he should have something better along with devour an ally.

Many of Khaziel Dwarfes should be reworked. They are just nothing compared to Goblins, I really think they deserve to be likely special, pretty cool looking!

Gar’Nok should get some love.

Change Gloom Leaf so he will get back his stoneskin again. My suggestion would be to take away his Defender trait, for stoneskin.

Major: some kind of mini game to allow trait stone crafting. Spend X number of lower stones and do mini game to see how well you can up grade it.

minor: agree buff to summons. I hate having to summon little spiders with my giant. At least let them come in with the traits I have or something. They are soooo weak they’re basically cannon fodder and then they block stinger attacks from my team. Same with KoS

Major change: Daily and weekly events with extra challenges or mini-quests… Like the Runesmith event but not just about farming… a daily challenge of ‘win ten pvp matches using three+ Adana troops’ etc etc… Wouldn’t be so hard to do and would really spice up the daily trophy hunt… completing said daily challenge gives an immediate (not mega) reward of souls or extra trophies etc…

Minor change: Minor nerf to goblins to make them less ubiquitious… 40%-50% of my pvp invades face them and that monotony is the biggest threat to player enjoyment… give 'em all higher mana costs by 1-2 points, and minor stat nerfs… and while we are at it, minor buffs to many other troops to increase variety…


+1 for this… summoned troops should be at the level and traits etc of the player’s own collection, and get level 10 kingdom stat bonuses etc… i.e. appear exactly as if you put it in the team yourself at the start…

Major Feature: Traitstone Crafting/Conversion system

Minor Feature: More mini-games

… definitely agree about Summons and extra events.


Major: Real PvP, not against AI. Resulting in another major feature ‘Tournaments’

Minor: less nerfs.

Major : PvP rework so that matchmaking would be better (tired of seeing lvl 200 complaints, and tired of figthing lvl 200 myself), finding an opponent is currently way too slow if you reroll frequently to find a worthy (gold wise) opponent. I’d rather have a little longer search that brings out not only 1 but 5 candidates to be my opponent. Last but not least, reward the god damn defense wins properly, even when the victory is decided by a rage quit…

Minor fix : rework bone dragon’s spell or 3rd trait. It’s too unbalanced, not to mention bugged.


I think something like this is coming soon… best practice in similar games seems to be to roll three opponents to choose from (easy, medium, hard)… five would probably be too much to display on mobile screens…


Firstly @Lyya, great post. Great way to bring to the forefront people’s choice, furthermore to bring this to developer’s attention. Bravo.

Secondly, I was going to bring a different thought as a major fix, but will definitely +1 @Zelarith

Lastly, minor fix, my favourite troop’s last trait, (Suppression on Moloch) is bugging out every game for me, keeping troops alive at 1hp on a 4/5 skull match. Has resulted in a couple of disappointing losses. Would love to have this fixed.


Actually, when I was talking to @Sirrian in PAX 2015, he said that he was planning the idea of showing three choices for the PVP match system. So let’s just see what happens with the rework.

I have tons of ideas for mini games, but I doubt I’ll see any of them in my lifetime.
But i do like the idea of all these different locations having a ‘feature’ - many of which will use maps as the entry resource.

So what do I want?
I want a whole rework on the way invasions and revenges work.
I would love it, if when you chose to PVP, you had a list of players who were “close by” (this would be randomly determined). You’d see their levels, you’d see some sort of resources that they had, or a way to scout players and learn more about their stuff.
Then you’d choose a player and enter their dominion.
All of their kingdoms would be attackable, but not all of their resources are available in any one location.
Attack their strongest defence, and get their best rewards, or attack their weakest link, and get less reward (but maybe a bonus next time you attack them again.)

Similarly, you would have to set up individual defence teams for each of your kingdoms. As each of your kingdoms generate gold for you hourly, so too would they have stuff worth stealing.
And all your gems? Where do you keep them? What about your maps? Same place? It’s a secret worth trying to infiltrate for.

As for revenges, you would actually attack the team they used to attack you with, but could not use the team they defeated. As a reward, you would “steal back” half (or all?) of what they stole from you.

And if you defeated them entirely in your defence, more glory but less gold, etc.

OK, for fix, well, I would change the way flying, burrowing, burning, and other traits would work. Maybe I’d give second traits to some troops. Like “Flammable. Double damage from burning.”

The three choices concept sounds neat.

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Maybe Black Beast could get an extra turn after devouring a Goblin. It’s not a big change, but at least it follows the theme.

For my feature/fix i think they could add a second word on the Troop Type. Goblin Marauder, Wildfolk Shaman, Elemental Beast…

  1. I would like to see abilities that punish my opponent for taking multiple turns in a row. Like, if Gloom Leaf’s legendary did 1 damage to all opponents every time they took an extra turn. Or a weapon that gained mana for every extra turn an opponent took, and had a significant impact on the match if it get’s fully charged.

  2. The second thing I really want to see if a rework of the weapons. The weapons need to have their costs, damage based on magic, and their boosts looked at to bring them up to fun. Some interesting weapons just have mana costs too high for them to see competitive play. I’d like to see very similar weapons grouped, or have weapons get a total rework to where you unlock abilities to a type of weapon, and can then customize the one you are looking to use in a match. Like “dagger” upgrades earned from leveling magic would let you configure your hero’s dagger with different damage and abilities, that would affect the casting costs. Right now I feel like I have tons of weapons to sort through, where most will just never get use.

  3. I would like to see armor bonuses separated from armor appearance.


I’ve mixed views on that. Sounds good but would kill my control decks…

I agree in principle, but less keen on the detail of your suggestions…

ABSOLUTELY, yes, +1 to this…

Make defends worth defending in the new PvP system.


Timestamps in chat.

No level cap.

No more gating on changing hero classes.

About 400-500 Minor Magic Traitstones and two more Arcane Spirit Traitstones. Y’know, while I’m asking.


Mass Disenchant. Period. Full Stop.

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