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What are your two most OP and UnderPowered troops?

Most OP:

Most Underpowered:

Peasant is ridiculously bad and khorvash is insanity. I dont get how its not nerfed yet. 50% devour is insanr on kerberos.

Succusbus is just lame to me

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-Bone Dragon


Honorable mention to Sacrifice for being a TERRIBLE card.

As much as I think Bone Dragon and Khorvash need fixing, I’d have to say:


There’s too many underpowered cards for me to just pick two.


One of the most OP is shadow hunter


Shadow Hunter is kind of like Bone Dragon. When the cards were created, nobody anticipated that people’s teams would have stats well over 50. They don’t scale well because they didn’t account for power creep.

I don’t think Shadow Hunter is unbalanced in the same way that BoneDragon is. Both have diminishing returns on their spells, but Shadow Hunter’s first cast will usually devastate (but not kill) one troop and then do significant damage to a second if you’re able to get a second cast off. Subsequent damage is pretty modest since it scales on enemy life. By the time Bone Dragon’s diminishing returns kick in, the entire team is already dead.


Yeah, it’s not as severe but it still indicates the same underlying cause.

Very strong combination is shadow hunter and blade dancer :slight_smile:

Been having fun with Wulfgarok and Shadow Hunter, it’s a real one-two punch (I mean devour) combo.

It’s not just “not as severe”, but the mechanism itself keeps it from being overpowered. Shadow Hunter’s damage is made up of two components, a fixed base damage and ‘bonus’ damage that scales on total life of all opponent troops (1 point of damage per 3 points of life). If the opponent team has 4 troops with some armor, the bonus damage will never be equal to the life of any one of those troops. At low levels, Shadow Hunter’s base damage is often enough to generate an insta-kill, but that seldom happens at higher levels when troops have more than enough armor to absorb at least one shot from SH.

The mechanism of BoneDragon does not have the same kind of built-in limit.

Gard’s Avatar, paired with the right team of course, is insanely op. I can’t tell you how many times I have won without the computer getting to play, and how many times I have won out of the blue even when I couldn’t pull a match together no matter what I did.

We all know Khorvash is the other op.

I’m level 1100+ and I’ve seen Shadow Hunter insta-kill. It depends on the team. Giants, for example, have lower armor and higher HP. Shadow Hunter hurts a team like that bad…

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If you’re winning without the computer getting to play a turn, that’s not Gard’s Avatar, not at all. Try playing him without Hellcat and Alchemist and see if you still think he’s that OP.

That’s a good point. I’m not using my Shadow Hunter team much these days, and seldom see giants. (Now that I think of it, she’s probably about 50/50 against Goblins for a first cast insta-kill.) In any case, I’ve always considered her an under-rated troop, but not overpowered.

In my opinion, the fact that you can’t choose the target is another point against her over-poweredness, and another reason why she tends not to insta-kill. And her traits are all useful, but not overwhelming.

Yeah, I don’t really consider her OP. I’m just saying that her spell, like Rowanne’s and Bone Dragon’s, were never envisioned with the stat bonuses we now have. They scale TOO well. Bone Dragon especially is just stupid OP.

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Most OP:
Queen Mab
Shadow Hunter

Most underpowered:
Dwarven Miner
Gar Nok

Queen Mab is insane and Shadow Hunter is very overpowered, decrease her boost ratio from 3:1 to 4:1 or 5:1. Dwarven Miner is completely useless and Gar Nok is the worst legendary troop ever, plain & simple.
I have two honorable mentions here, Orc (for underpowered) and Goblin (for overpowered). Orc sucks hard and Goblin is too powerful as well, either increase his mana cost or get rid of the extra turn part.

Finally, someone on my side!

I completely agree with you @htismaqe, that’s why I added the cavet with the right team.

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Succubus is a full drain (normally) and death mark for only nine mana. Underpowered? Nah, that’s rather strong.

Guild guardians, Esp. Justice and Courage
Not Bone Dragon, actually


Dwarven Miner
Steam Turret


Underpowered king for me is Roc. A thoroughly mediocre spell, if we are being generous, and he can only cast it once. About the only benefit is that you could completely stop thinking about him after that.