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What are we working for?

Just what, exactly, is everyone working for?

Personally, I’d like to think gaining mass amounts of trophies for my guild (573 so far for the week, 4 weeks in for a total of 5,964), gold for said guild (1m each week), 5* and 7* all my kingdoms and to stay top 50 each week in PvP.

But let’s bring this back to the guild.

The idea is to work hard to contribute, gain rank and have a great time with awesome people. But what do people really want in a guild? Is it to be the top? Is it to be a casual/no reqs guild, or is it to just socialise and do bare minimum?

Personally, I think if you want to be the best, you need to play with the best. No slacking just because there are others to pick up the slack.

I guess what I really want to know - how much do you really love your guild… And why…?

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

I’ve been in the best PS4 guild since mid-August, I’ve already contributed 17k trophies and 25 million gold, too. It’s the hardcore elements for me and friendship as well.

That’s why I play.


[quote=“MadamBambii, post:1, topic:15989, full:true”]
Personally, I think if you want to be the best, you need to play with the best.[/quote]

I am sorry, but we are full in Anonymous. Should I add you to our waiting list? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha maybe! But I hear Intrim is closing in on you :wink:

Nope. You are losing ground each week.


Personally i’m just in it for the freebies, without those i’d leave.

And you, dear sir, are either trolling or a lazy arse! Lol

Sometimes I don’t know why I play GoW at all, I mean by the time I was level 50 I could have beaten the story in every kingdom, and that about does all the worthwhile and even remotely gripping content in the game. Even then it’s far too easy even on the highest difficulty.

I do like the game, it’s a nice way to let time kill me for 15-20 minutes. I don’t really have any attachments to anyone in the game, even my clan. It seems like after a certain point of progress you just play the game to earn resources faster, which just viciously feeds into itself to let you earn more resources faster, but there’s no real goal. Become the best pvp’er? That’s a joke, it’s too easy. Oh well, it’s a fun casual game.

Have you been #1 at the end of the week?

Solid Conan reference :grimacing:

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I wouldn’t call them “freebies”, but I play to contribute to the guild benefits, and maximize them within reason. I want to have enough resources that I have a fair shake at any new troops coming out, and enough traitstones and souls laying about to bring any of my theorycrafted teams to life. The novelty provided by the new release content is the only thing gameplay-wise that keeps me playing, which is why I tend to use or build teams around newer troops. In order to get ahead of the meta, though, I need to have the stocks to buy them first!

I also joined Intrim to make make @ExtraTurn rich, to woo Takila, and to make spreadsheets. I maintain that these are still my motivations.

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I like the more competitive nature of the game, being in a top guild myself. My goal each week is 5000 PVP points each week and then I go on completing story/challenges/ soul farm. When that is done I’ll focus on top 100 places :slight_smile:

But I’m in it for the long run and try not to burn myself up. I impose a playcap on myself, level 10 000 is the goal!

Why do I play GoW? Because I am a puzzle fanatic. And the troops concept is really neat. And there is constantly new content. And the Devs are active with the playerbase.

Why am I in my current guild? Because I thought that getting in on a bottom level-going up guild would be fun. And it has been! (We aren’t on the bottom anymore!)

(edit) What am I working towards? Nothing spectacular…I have all my attack and magic kingdoms at least 5-starred, still working on the others. So I am farming stones, farming souls, PVPing for guild requirements…the cycle never ends.

My goal atm is to max out my kingdom power levels. If all goes according to plan by Christmas I should have:

22 kingdoms at 7*
3 kingdoms at 6*
1 kingdoms likely still 4* (blasted new kingdom commons)

In January I’ll move one of the 6* kingdoms to 7*, and we should get a new kingdom.

I’m already over total required for souls, majors, runics, and all but red minor traitstones, so once I finish kingdoms the only goal will be farming explores for arcanes, need about 850 more (but I’m done with purple/purple, woo!). Sadly with no way to make slow but consistent progress on getting my missing mythics (Plague, Abynissa, and Gard) there is little else to work on.

Then it is just PVP for gold and trophies until new features come out, like the Event system they mentioned.

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I’m a completionist. So, my goal is to have all the cards in the game fully leveled and traited. Plus, I want to reach level 1000.

Beyond that, I think staying active in the guild keeps me in the game. I like helping my guild and seeing it grow stronger with each new recruit. I’m hoping that the guild wars will give guilds a fun way to work together and have fun.

Shoutout to my Black Dragon peeps!


I’ve been tier 1 in pvp basically every week that I have time to do it. If you mean #1 on the leaderboard for SPENDING COUNTLESS HOURS beating the AI in pvp, then no, never.

I have no polite words for the person that thinks spending countless hours beating AI defense teams and hitting “#1” on this game’s leaderboard makes them “the best.” I’ve won 100+ pvp games in a row right now, this game is not hard. This is not to say I’ve never lost or that the game sucks, but it is certainly lacking in competitive play.

The things that last never happen overnight. These calloused hands built the foundation of my life.

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I play because the game is fun. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Lol well, I’m the co-GM of mine with my wife so that’s reason enough to love it. That being said, we have a really good crew and most of them stay pretty active on Discord so the comradery helps, too. Other than those two things, the loot is pretty nice; getting all the tasks done each week gives a lot of loot which helps grease every other aspect of the game. More loot = more options. More options = more fun. :slight_smile:


For being the very best noone ever was, to devour them is my real quest to get arcane traitstones is my cause… BLACK MANACLES Gotta devour them all yes its true(dmg when proc) nobody deals salt like you, etc

No but seriously, i just love deckbuilding. Thats why i play and grind up cards.