What are the most popular suggestions, that will never be included?

Those are all good points.

I suppose I only stand on the other side of the fence because all I can think of when I consider real-time PVP is how long every battle would end up being. Or how many players would sandbag, or what it would feel like to be looped by goblins being cast by an actual person laughing on the other end :see_no_evil:


At the moment it is all about not communicating with the community . That is a decision that they have decided to go with - to avoid the boards, which they thought would be the best solution - or else it would be different.

You also gotta ask yourself how much effort is put into fixing bugs and other game related stuff when they got no time for the communication - which should take the least effort. Currently there is a ton of bugs on the table to fix. If close to zero effort is put into communication there might be a chance that close to zero effort is put into the game fixing the bugs.

It is easy for me to sit here and say this or that. But in the end of the day, there is great potential.

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  • Match time displayed post-battle (toggle-able), and/or on the battle screen (without having to click the menu button)

  • Ability to select any previously completed Delve level

  • Streamlined Explore UI

  • Skippable Delve Chest upgrade animation (Campaign Star animation is skippable if you spam it, life pro tip)

  • Increased zoom out on the World Map

  • Soulforge recipes to convert Delve Treasures to higher rarities

  • Increased number of Mythics available to craft each week (I counted 38 recipes in my ‘Other’ tab with the inclusion of the one shots, without having fully upgraded, so I think more is possible)

    • Better weapon availability – no more 1+ years waiting for Rope Dart
  • Increase rate at which disproportionately low-scoring Guilds drop Brackets in GW (or any other GW Bracket fix)

  • Ability to switch medal loadouts from the battle preview screen if assigning to team slots is not favourable

  • One-click casting option if only one targetable troop remaining

    • Spell hotkeys for PC

A changeup of the Tuesday faction Assaults - Either changing the 1 day event into 3 days. Or allow the selection to start at the level the kingdom currently is instead of having to go from 20-490 everytime.


How would the real devs even become aware of bugs? Bug reporting is done exclusively though the forum, and while the community manager team likes to claim the reports are getting checked and forwarded on a daily base, the reality is that it often doesn’t happen for weeks, if at all.


• A review of the spawn rates of enemy bandits/spiders/sisters etc, particularly in GW would be top of my list. When Bandits show 30% chance then mean it, rather than 300%…

• A rework of treasure maps, which (to me at least) are redundant for all but new players.

• Medals for teams rather than global, as mentioned before me.

• How about introducing some Cursed Gnomes into the game too, for shits and giggles? :unamused:


This is another good one, quoted for emphasis.


Although based on the medals experience it would work out cheaper to just use the lower level treausres…

Removing arcane stones and legendary troops from Legendary Tasks

Removing minor stone drops from Treasure Gnomes

Making Epic Vaults always give epic rewards

Un nerfing GAP

Changing Vault so you don’t receive yet another copy of a troop (mainly Cedric) that you already have 4 copies at mythic

Changing the forge recipes so that doom scrolls don’t require writs

Providing a way to farm writs, Imperial deeds or books of deeds

Buffing useless mythics so they are all at least occasionally useful

Removing all weapon affixes that create a gem that doesn’t help you (eg Eternal Flame)

Showing all 12 card choices in Arena at once so you spot synergies


Oh and the ability to mark certain troops as ‘favourite’ and sort by that


Yeah, this was definitely long-requested.

I would have also liked to see a 'Sort by: Newest/Oldest' option.
  • A new or mid-game player opens a bunch of keys, gets a bunch of new troops, but misses seeing or can’t remember what they all were

  • For reminiscing’s sake, you could see what your first pulls were!!

Less relevant now, since the search has somewhat improved, although maybe I’m just more familiar with all the troops and how to find things, but I think I also would have liked the ability to set two filters at once, whether text or otherwise.

  • E.g. maybe I want to search within all troops with the Stoneskin trait to see if any also have Necromancy, or Impervious, or _______ (and I’m not already familiar with them all and don’t want to click on every one)

I think it’s kind of funny that I’m speaking in past tense – just seems very unlikely that these would be implemented at this stage.

I agree with all except this, maybe, or within certain limits. Same with GAPs – I don’t agree with the current implementation, but I can probably see how the original was problematic.

I guess they ARE but very popular suggestions, though!

Maybe 🤷

I guess ideally it would use a resource other than Gold (e.g. hopefully Souls, being the Soulforge) as well as or just an inefficient conversion cost (e.g. 3-5 Gold Rings → 1 Priest’s Chalice, despite a chalice only having twice the XP and upgrade chance, so a 50%-150% loss). Coin Purses and Gold Rings are detrimental for anyone but the newest of Delvers to use, so pretty much any inefficiency cost (not incl. Gold) would be better.

Maybe that’s why it would never get implemented, though. It was very clearly stated that the chance of getting a Legendary or Mythic from Legendary Tasks was just a little too problematic for the devs:

So for them, the more Gold it costs, and the more progress tied to Delve completion, the better, kind of. :confused:



Toggle-able traits and weapon affixes :roll_eyes:


Getting rid of ingot daily offers, common troop offers when already mythic and kingdom helper offers. Replace with something that actually helps power progress


Something else I think would be interesting would be a proper hero level xp counter. I would enjoy knowing exactly how far away I am from my next level, rather than blindly guessing on a bar that moves such a minuscule amount that it’s barely visible!


A fix to make this not require spamming/perfect timing.

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An “Open All” option on chests and portals.

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make epic task optional, and you can jump to Legendary Task

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So the dev team have actually gone one better, as far as I can tell.

Not only have they refrained from making the Campaign Star animation Skip button functional, despite popular demand and which I guess is what you’d normally expect from a UI feature…

… it seems they’ve actually spent time ensuring that it’s no longer possible to skip the animation by spamming the Skip button really quickly before the animation shows (as I mentioned above).

My apologies? :face_with_spiral_eyes:


(didn’t feel like a very nice thing for them to do, basically – and surely there are more important things to be working on?)

Edit: N.B. At least on Mobile, it seems.

I guess it could also have been unintentional :sweat_smile:.

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A game-mode called “Off-Grid” where the player goes offline upon activation (could be timed like GaP) and gets to play only Explore/Delves/TreasureHunt/Vault. At the end of this session, the game displays a screen of gathered resources and restarts the game in online mode on a button-click. There is a time-cap on this - so no one can be Off-Grid at all instants.The Shrines could be moved into this game-mode and if the shrines get filled within the time cap, the purchases on Shrines could be discounted a bit.

Handicap of this mode is the player gets no access to pet rescue during this time, possibly reduced player xp. The PRO of this mode would be ZERO server lag, reduced load on the GoW servers for extended periods.