What are the most popular suggestions, that will never be included?

In the spirit of the season, let us think about features, that we put on our wishlist every year, and that are left there untouched by the developers, so we have something we can keep wishing for (and also because there is no money to be made from them).

The ones that come to my mind first:

  • A way to send messages through the ingame mail system

  • Improved difficulty selection in daily and event delves


Medals and class traits as per-team, rather than global, settings.

Making pet gnomes useful on pet rescue days.


A Guild bank - A way to deposit resources we don’t need to donate to a newer player. Maybe not to include troops as that would be broken.
But traitstones, souls, deeds, gold, glory, chaos shards, jewels and many more.
Gives veterans a reason to keep collecting and helps new players catch up quicker which helps recruitment.

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Communicate with the community. Been suggested for years, doesn’t take any coding effort, apparently requires hell to freeze over first.


A working game


Accurate descriptions (and translations) in-game of mechanics both on-cards and in regard to event scoring, drop tables, etc…


One I actually have no interest in having (but that gets asked for all the time for some reason inexplicable to me): real-time, synchronous PVP.

Medals that are new and unique (not what we got with World Event medals, but what we were promised when medals were first introduced).

A buff to all irrelevant content — a Power-Creep update would be a huge QoL improvement for the game, imo.

An end to unnecessary nerfs.

Third-map : Heaven Mode (or whatever it would be — since Underworld’s “done”)

Treasure Map rework.

More robust servers.


Fixing the random whole GWs battle missing score bug. Devs said they won’t fix it.

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This all day. I still can’t believe it wasn’t obvious this was the way it should be in the initial design…


Rework of useless daily offers e. g. ingots or common troops
In-game explanation of scoring in World Events.
Increasing the number of mythics in the Soulforge

And a new suggestion from the community, which I really liked: replacing the daemon gnome with the cursed one in the Epic Vault


Reworking the PVP matching algorithm so you don’t keep always getting matched with the same 5-6 people who happen to be playing at the same time as you


How 'bout this? Can they make the Soulforge upgradable in another way since Cursed Gnomes are doing their best John Cena impression? What I suggest is sticking to the old requirement, ie. killing enemy troops? Y’know, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


I would like this; there are so many teams that work great with a human playing them, making intelligent tactical choices, but suck in the hands of the AI and its dumb “mana is full, cast it” decision-making. Playing against real players, rather than against the AI playing their teams for them, would be so much more interesting.

Will never happen of course.


Those are all good points.

I suppose I only stand on the other side of the fence because all I can think of when I consider real-time PVP is how long every battle would end up being. Or how many players would sandbag, or what it would feel like to be looped by goblins being cast by an actual person laughing on the other end :see_no_evil:


At the moment it is all about not communicating with the community . That is a decision that they have decided to go with - to avoid the boards, which they thought would be the best solution - or else it would be different.

You also gotta ask yourself how much effort is put into fixing bugs and other game related stuff when they got no time for the communication - which should take the least effort. Currently there is a ton of bugs on the table to fix. If close to zero effort is put into communication there might be a chance that close to zero effort is put into the game fixing the bugs.

It is easy for me to sit here and say this or that. But in the end of the day, there is great potential.

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  • Match time displayed post-battle (toggle-able), and/or on the battle screen (without having to click the menu button)

  • Ability to select any previously completed Delve level

  • Streamlined Explore UI

  • Skippable Delve Chest upgrade animation (Campaign Star animation is skippable if you spam it, life pro tip)

  • Increased zoom out on the World Map

  • Soulforge recipes to convert Delve Treasures to higher rarities

  • Increased number of Mythics available to craft each week (I counted 38 recipes in my ‘Other’ tab with the inclusion of the one shots, without having fully upgraded, so I think more is possible)

    • Better weapon availability – no more 1+ years waiting for Rope Dart
  • Increase rate at which disproportionately low-scoring Guilds drop Brackets in GW (or any other GW Bracket fix)

  • Ability to switch medal loadouts from the battle preview screen if assigning to team slots is not favourable

  • One-click casting option if only one targetable troop remaining

    • Spell hotkeys for PC

A changeup of the Tuesday faction Assaults - Either changing the 1 day event into 3 days. Or allow the selection to start at the level the kingdom currently is instead of having to go from 20-490 everytime.


How would the real devs even become aware of bugs? Bug reporting is done exclusively though the forum, and while the community manager team likes to claim the reports are getting checked and forwarded on a daily base, the reality is that it often doesn’t happen for weeks, if at all.


• A review of the spawn rates of enemy bandits/spiders/sisters etc, particularly in GW would be top of my list. When Bandits show 30% chance then mean it, rather than 300%…

• A rework of treasure maps, which (to me at least) are redundant for all but new players.

• Medals for teams rather than global, as mentioned before me.

• How about introducing some Cursed Gnomes into the game too, for shits and giggles? :unamused:


This is another good one, quoted for emphasis.


Although based on the medals experience it would work out cheaper to just use the lower level treausres…