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What am I missing?

I am constantly attacked by players 50 to 120 levels higher then me. Why? Am I that good that they have to attack me or are they that sad they have to attack me?

I am level 51 so am having a hard time understanding the match making. When I pvp I am matched with players that are always higher level then me. I can not even remember the last time I fought anyone near my level and definitely do not remember ever being matched with anyone lower then me.

Can anyone help me understand this better? Thank you in advance!

It’s not you or them, many players just hit the attack button without looking at teams or levels.

Matchmaking is nonexistent.

There is an update coming that will be addressing this issue. You’re not alone. People 200 levels under me beat me all the time, and I’m defeating level 1000s. It’s the nature of the beast right now.

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But how is it that all of these high levels are attacking me? Just got attacked by a level 173. I attack whatever the computer puts in front of me and they are always higher level players.

How am I on their list and there is never anyone my level or lower on mine?

I am level 702 and got at least 6 invades on Monday of people level 100-200. I invade anything on Mondays under the condition that it either gives 2 trophies or it gives 800+ gold. It takes about 5 extra seconds each reroll to see the level of the enemy, so I normally ignore it.

One way to get invaded slightly less is to save for a 500 gem armor or the $50 Deathknight Armor pack. Lower leveled players may skip you more often under the oppression that you likely have more resources and will be harder to defeat.


They will assume you are a pay to win scrub though in some cases.

Yes, but then they may not invade. xD
I sometimes skip Deathknight armor users before I check their team just because they are likely to take longer than others.

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Please explain how buying Death Knight armor gives you an advantage?

It gives more resources and people may invade someone with that armor less. I tend to dodge anyone with Deathknight Armor, especially if they are a level 900+ with it. For lower leveled players, it would help them to be invaded less from both sides.

50% more souls and EXP; compared to Dragon Armor. Two aspects that have no bearing whatsoever on invading said opponent. Death Knight armor provides faster progressing and not having to switch to Celestial armor. There is no pay to win in this game.

Common sense: having the armor costs $50 so you immediately gain the “reckless spender” badge, those who look for an excuse to skip obviously will use it as a cue. :slight_smile:

OTOH why would one want to avoid invades? If they are a bother just leave the first 3 unprocessed.


The Armors don’t give you a tactical advantage, just an intimidation factor that may scare off some players from hitting the Battle button…

That is just a benefit, but not the point behind it. Deathknight Armor is the first thing ever added to the game only available through cash only. This shows that the player has spent at least $50, or their equivalent, to buy the armor. If they were willing to spend that for some armor and a few extra keys, they may also have been willing to spend money on the game in the past and future. Since they have both higher resources and a higher chance of spending on the game, they will be harder.

Of course, one can just scout them, but that takes an extra few seconds even if one has free scouting due to having to click through another screen and then click on some troops to check for traits, ascension, and 2x kingdoms.

They get overwritten after 24 hours, so that tactic only helps after the first 3 losses.

Death Knight armor is Pay to be Avoided then. Sounds silly to me.

Also, I just noticed this was PS4/Xbox and the discussion shifted to Deathknight armor. Do the console versions have Deathknight Armor yet?

Nope :frowning:

I am seriously considering buying it when we DO get it though. Part for the resources, part because I want to support the developers and I am starting to feel like a cheapass for only spending $5 so far.

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levels 1 to 200 get paired in pvp while about 150 you start getting paired with higher and after lvl 200 you start getting paired with anyone.

Honestly, spending $5 every month or so is probably a better value for you than dropping $50 all at once. The small spend allows you to improve your VIP level, and thus increase your bonus gems at each subsequent purchase…

To be clear - I’m totally splitting hairs here.


Subtle hint towards the Daily Gems package? :wink:

Yeah, I did the math with that bundle and it has the most “value”, so I may consider buying it every month. I’m decently patient, which is so important in this type of game.

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