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What am I missing?

Also, every purchase increases your VIP level. Getting VIP level 2 gives you a glory key every day. Level 3 gives you free scouting. And EVERY level gives you +5% more gems on future gem purchases.

If you wanted to drop $100 in the game, it’s much better to do it in increments, so that VIP level can kick in.


Honestly nothing about the VIP system is appealing to me unless it’s VIP 5+ and I’m not spending that much money on a video game :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is true unless you have the DragonKnight Armor available. In that case, I’d say buy it, then buy the Daily Gems.

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I should have said this myself earlier because it is exactly the point I was coming across by saying I wanted to buy the Armor in the first place.

So VIP is calculated differently on the consoles than on mobile?

Mobile is just a straight dollar value, and so, excluding the daily gems, it makes more sense on mobile to spend all at once.

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Somewhere along the way, the point got missed here.
The point of the OP was that the lower level people are never attacking him.
Only higher level people.

And when he fights, he only sees higher level people.

In his mind, his logical deduction is “I only get to fight bigger people, and everyone else gets to fight smaller people”

To answer his question:
On the weekly reset, when my rank is low, like between 15 and 5, the match maker puts me up against some really low level players.
I am level 301 now, and sometimes it gives me opponents as low as 98. One time that guy was worth over 1,000 gold base. Of course I am clicking that and smashing it.

Once I hit rank 5, it puts me up against people my own level.
Once I hit rank 1, I rarely see anything less than double my level.
(Or, in the very least, +100 levels).

Similarly, in defence, at the start of the week, I get random people during my ranking process (the first two hours), and then for the next two days, I get very high level players, level 800-1000 (because I’m that pot of gold for them, like the 98 was for me) and then afterward, I get both high level players, and also people slightly under me, say 50-100 levels less.

But at a relatively low level you’ll get less variance.
There aren’t enough players at low level (who still play) to keep finding new ones for you, and there are thousands of higher level people. That’s all you’re gonna see for a while, I imagine.


Thank you! You clearly explained and answered my question!

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I think everyone covered it but incase it was missed some people will think it make you a pay to win because it is the only armour that can not be bought with gems so they will think your team is like your armour, gotten by buying them vs if you had any other armours.